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Telegram’s creator said that the firm is expected to become profitable in the next year

Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram, said that the firm anticipates achieving profitability next year and is considering the possibility of going public in the future.

Durov said in an interview with the Financial Times that the chat app, with over 900 million users, is generating “hundreds of millions of dollars” via advertisements and subscriptions. He said that despite foreign investors proposing a value above $30 billion, Telegram’s goal is to eventually become a publicly traded corporation.

The primary motivation for our decision to monetize was to maintain our independence. According to FT, the speaker expressed the hope that an IPO would help make Telegram’s value more widely available.

Telegram is not seeking a large investment round but is willing to consider smaller stock investments.

Telegram introduced a premium subscription two years ago and quickly reached over 1 million paying users. The firm provides advertising solutions for many channels and intends to provide revenue sharing with channel owners this month. Durov told FT that advertising options are now restricted to certain regions, and the firm requires agencies to spend between €1 million and €10 million. Telegram plans to broaden its advertising options worldwide this year and accommodate those who spend small amounts.

The corporation recently revealed that individual customers have the option to upgrade their accounts to corporate accounts by paying a membership charge.

In addition to these solutions, Telegram has also explored blockchain-based initiatives via the TON Foundation. In December 2022, the business conducted an auction of high-quality usernames via the TON Blockchain to enable anyone to use the app without requiring a SIM card. Telegram introduced a self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet worldwide in September 2023, except in the United States.

Durov has said that Telegram aims to provide AI-driven chatbots for customer assistance tailored for business customers. The firm intends to invest in artificial intelligence to address moderation problems often affecting the site.

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