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Shadow introduces a cloud storage platform Dark Drive

Now that Shadow has two distinct products, it is a legitimate tech business. The business is also releasing Shadow Drive, a cloud storage service built on Nextcloud, in addition to its cloud computing offering, which is excellent for games. At a news conference in Paris, co-founder and deputy CEO Stéphane …

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Man destroys a Frida Kahlo drawing to create NFTs, sells only four, and prompts a criminal inquiry

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) fanatic allegedly mistakenly believed that burning a priceless sketch would raise its value on the blockchain. The artist is being looked into by Mexican authorities for the prank, in addition to not recovering even close to the value of the artwork. Martin Mobarak, a businessman, destroyed …

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Google has begun processing Stadia reimbursements

Check your inbox; you might see notifications of software purchases made through the Stadia store that have received refunds. Google is beginning to administer its promised reimbursements for Stadia games, add-ons, and membership payments in advance of the platform’s impending January demise (other than Stadia Pro). According to the company’s …

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