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Twitter said only verified users can access TweetDeck after 30 days

Twitter released a new version of TweetDeck on Monday after many users were unable to access parts of the web app. TweetDeck users must be verified in 30 days, the company added. Only Twitter Blue subscribers, verified organizations, and some Twitter-verified users can use TweetDeck.

Twitter will import all saved searches and workflows from the old TweetDeck. Users migrating to the new version can import their columns.

TweetDeck is adding composer, Spaces, video docking, and polls. Teams functionality is “temporarily unavailable.”

Users can try the new TweetDeck for 30 days before buying Twitter Blue.

After Elon Musk limited tweet reading to prevent scraping, many TweetDeck functions were inaccessible for days.

Many social media managers and brands use TweetDeck, users noted during the downtime. They may consider better-featured alternatives since TweetDeck will become a paid product in 30 days.

Under new management, Twitter is launching a new TweetDeck version after years of testing.

In a TweetDeck Twitter community, an employee said the company removed legacy APIs to prevent scraping, which affected the web app.

Musk limited non-verified users to 1,000 tweets per day and verified users to 10,000 over the weekend.

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