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Microsoft lets cybersecurity generative AI run amok

Microsoft unveiled Security Copilot today as part of its ongoing effort to incorporate generative AI into all of its products. This new tool promises to “summarize” and “make sense” threat intelligence. Microsoft promoted Security Copilot in a vague statement as a mechanism to correlate attack data while prioritizing security problems. …

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Microsoft Introduced the Surface Studio

surface studio

Microsoft laid low in the past few months, but on Wednesday it became clear what they were busy with. The tech giant introduced a new update that will reach more than 400 million Windows 10 devices, and it also unveiled the Surface Studio and the Surface Dial. Of course, the …

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PlayStation 4 Gets Slimmer Than Ever

playstation 4

Everyone knows that the toughest competition in the game console market goes down between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation. Every time one of the companies releases something new, the other one is definitely close behind with something just as impressive, or even more amazing. This time around, Microsoft was …

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Windows 10 Free Update Ends on July 29

windows 10

The majority of Windows users complained about the notifications Microsoft bombarded all of us concerning the free upgrade to Windows 10. For those who didn’t upgrade to the latest version of the globally used software, there is a good news. These notifications will end soon, given the fact that the …

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Xbox One S to Become Available August 2

xbox one s

Microsoft revealed the Xbox One S, the latest member of the Xbox One family last month, and according to the company, gamers can expect it to hit the shelves as early as August 2. The 2TB game console will not be available globally at the beginning of next month, however, …

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Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade Brings User $10K

Windows 10

All of us who didn’t opt for upgrading to Windows 10 know how annoying the constant reminder of the operating system can get. Rejecting the offer doesn’t always work, so a lot of users were put in the position where they were faced with an unwanted upgrade to the latest …

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Microsoft to Purchase LinkedIn For Over $26BN

Microsoft logo

It seems that we can witness yet another great purchase in the tech world these days. Today, Microsoft and LinkedIn both announced that the former will purchase the latter for approximately $26.2 billion, or in other words, for $196 per share. The announcement was made by the Microsoft News Center and …

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