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In Q2, Nvidia proved to be the biggest winner in the generative AI boom

Nvidia’s second-quarter earnings, released Wednesday after markets closed, show that selling generative AI boom picks and shovels can be lucrative. A new computing era has begun. Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang said companies worldwide are moving from general-purpose to accelerated computing and generative AI. Huang is right. Nvidia dominates …

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Meta expects recommendations “orders of magnitude” larger than GPT-4. Why?

Today, Meta announced a remarkable claim to clarify its content recommendation algorithms. It prepares for behavior analysis systems “orders of magnitude” larger than ChatGPT and GPT-4. That’s necessary? Meta occasionally explains some of its algorithms to demonstrate its transparency. This can be enlightening or raise more questions. It’s a mix. …

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Flipper hacking device to sell $80M

Flipper Zero hacking device, a popular hacking device, may have caught your attention. The 2020-founded company left Russia at the war’s start and moved on. After selling almost $5 million in Kickstarter preorders, it claims it will sell $80 million in products this year and $25 million last year. They …

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