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Nothing’s latest phone, the 2a, is available for preorder at $349

The highly anticipated Nothing Phone (2a) has been officially announced, following its exclusive preview at the company’s MWC event. Nothing’s third smartphone targets the mid-tier/budget market segment, priced at $349.

Preorders are available starting today, with a significant caveat in the United States. The phone is exclusively offered to developers interested in incorporating third-party apps with the illuminated “Glyphs” on the device’s back.

Nothing announces the availability of the Glyph Developer Kit for its devices. Here’s your chance to create your own integration using the Glyph Interface. You may begin development and apply for an API key from March 5, 2024, onwards.

The device will be accessible in the U.K. and India through conventional channels. In the London-based company’s domestic market, it is offered in 8GB/128GB and 12GB/256GB versions, priced at £319 each. The prices for those models in India are ₹23,999 and ₹27,099. China is the largest smartphone market and a prime target for affordable phones. This launch market will offer a unique 12GB/256GB configuration for ₹25,999.

The device replaces the Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs from the higher-end models with a customized MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro chip. Remains silent:

Together, Nothing and MediaTek have introduced optimizations such as Smart Clean (+200% UFS read/write speed over prolonged usage) and Adaptive NTFS (+100% file transfer speeds with Windows computers) and have been able to reduce the power consumption of specific components by up to 10%.

Expect a decrease in performance compared to the Nothing Phone (2) due to the lower-end processor, but there might be some improvement in speed for specific tasks compared to the Phone (1). The device retains the 2’s 50-megapixel dual rear-facing cameras but relocates them to the center back. The rear of the phone maintains the familiar transparent design, featuring a reduced number of three light-up Glyphs located only at the top.

The battery capacity of the device is 5,000 mAh, which surpasses the capacities of Phone (1) (4,500 mAh) and Phone (2) (4,700 mAh). The device keeps the larger screen size of the premium model at 6.7 inches, as well as the 120Hz refresh rate.

Overall, it appears to be a reliable phone, given its price. Considering the price of many flagships exceeding $1,000, the $639 Nothing Phone (2) could be seen as a mid-range option.

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