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Galaxy Note 4 battery life still superior to that of Note 5

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5 this month after months of anticipation from fans and has surprised the smartphone community with yet another innovation in battery technology. The Galaxy Note 5 battery as well as the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery are equipped with Samsung’s high-end wireless charging standard that will let users charge their phones up to 80% in about 40 minutes or so. That means that the Note 5 and its edgy sibling are the fastest wirelessly charging phones on the market. But what about battery life?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is a champion at battery life, alongside last year’s Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact. The Galaxy Note 4 battery life averages about two days, which while might not sound like much is a lot for a smartphone touting a 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display. With the power of the Exynos and Snapdragon chips that the South Korean manufacturer included in the Galaxy Note 4 build, the phablet became one of the best smartphones on the market.

The Galaxy Note 4 battery life, as well as its performance and features help this note-taking smartphone become the best smartphone of 2014. Since then, the handset has been outdone by many manufacturers, even by Samsung, but that doesn’t mean that it’s outdated. The number of problems that users have with this phone are significantly fewer than with other, newer Samsung devices, which makes the Galaxy Note 4 still a comfy, future-proof, premium smartphone.

Even though the Galaxy Note 5 is more feature-filled and quite improved compared to its predecessor, its battery life is currently not at the same level. Galaxy Note 4 battery life is still sigificantly better than that of its successor, which means the handset can still be considered the best investment one can make when they’re looking for a long-lasting device.

When it comes to Galaxy Note 4 battery life issues like draining or not keeping a charge for too long, few users are still experiencing them. The constant software updates from Samsung and Google have improved the user experience of the Galaxy Note 4 over the past year and the TouchWiz modifications that the company did in order to make the S Pen as useful as possible keep this handset at the top of the smartphone chain.

Those who are still experiencing bad Galaxy Note 4 battery life should either check back with the retailer or carrier that they bought the phone from for a replacement, or perform a couple of simple tasks (which should work for fixing bad Galaxy Note 5 battery life, too) such as clearing cache (which can occupy a lot of space on occasion, if you let it build up, so it’s an important step), doing the occasional full cycle charge (that means you let the phone discharge completely, set it to charge, don’t touch it until its back up to 100 % and repeat the process three times), or a plain factory reset.

These small things that you can do in a matter of minutes can drastically improve Galaxy Note 4 battery life. If they don’t and the problems persist, the best way to go is back to the manufacturer, unless you’re open to rooting the phone and voiding its warranty. One could always check out the Play Store for battery optimization apps for Android, but I wouldn’t recommend them, as they usually do more harm than good. The best way to go when it comes to such problems is the simple way.

The Galaxy Note 4 battery life is still superior to that of the Galaxy Note 5,  which will last about a day and a half. The differences in autonomy between these two flagship phones are close to negligible and the Note 5 battery life could even become even better in the future as Android 6.0 Marshmallow will bring improvements to the entire ecosystem of Android. Once Samsung gets their hands on the build and gets a chance to modify TouchWiz, the company will most likely include battery life improvements for both the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5.

Although an older device, the Galaxy Note 4 keeps its head high and its users happy. Samsung did a great job with this phone from all aspects and demonstrated that it can really listen to its user base and implement their feedback, which came as a pleasant surprise to fans. Although the company has strayed a bit from its original design language and approach, the changes they made are predominantly good, especially when talking about the Galaxy Note 4.



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  1. have had both the 4 and 5. would take the 4 any day over the 5. im truly thankful they gave me the 5 for free (insurance) but i would never ever purchase a 5 if i could still buy a 4. if i wanted an iphone i would have bought an iphone… bring back the removeable (longer lasting) battery and the memory card slot.

  2. RogerTheEmancipator

    All this talk of battery life without any mention of the fact that the battery on the Note 4 is removable while the one on the Note 5 is not? Having a removable battery (as I have on my Note 2) allows me to swap in a spare battery on long days when I’m on the run constantly and never at my desk to recharge.

    • I think power banks are probably going to be the new answer to the Note 5’s removable battery issue.

      • RogerTheEmancipator

        Two problems with this: 1) If you’re on the move (ie, not at a desk, in a car, etc.) do you really want this power bank connected to the phone when it’s in your pocket? Or when you’re talking on the phone? 2) Lithium-ion batteries have a finite useful life. So what do you do when the battery nears the end of its useful life?

        Seems like a better answer to the “Note 5’s removable battery issue” is to … buy a Note 4!

        • 1.) Yes. Obviously not while on the phone but if you’re lugging around another battery too, doesn’t hurt to be a power bank instead. Sure it’s not an instant 0-100 like changing a battery, but it’s an alternative.

          2.) All batteries have a finite usage-life. What’s your point? You do the same thing you do with all batteries when you’re done with them.

          Having a Note 4 currently. I agree. Seems like the better option is to stick with what I got. But as a Power user, some custom rom or root editing can get battery life to wherever I want it.

        • You are too smart! What a genius! Note 4 is King!

      • I have a power bank and it works for me

      • Sure. Schlepping that around everywhere instead of carrying spares in my pocket.
        Good idea!

  3. my 5 consistently lasts like 18 hours before it needs a charge. i think you guys are just being babies

    • RogerTheEmancipator

      And this battery of yours will last for an infinite number of recharges? You won’t mind buying a whole new phone just because the lithium-ion battery is nearing the end of its useful life?

      • lol…. Samsung service center can replace the battery for you. unless you live at the jungle or moon.

      • Excellent point. Besides, he will be spending a a lot of time on the floor competing for an outlet at the airport while I change the first of three spares and loving life!

        • Wtf are you even talking about? Do you live in an airport or something? I have a car. With the very small likelihood that I need to charge my phone during the day at all it charges in like 30 minutes. The fact that you guys can stay on you’re phone from the time it’s fully charged till it’s dead leads me to believe you probably don’t have a job and you probably don’t really have the phone.

      • Let me guess. You’re like 13. You got a note 4 on daddies family plan. Bragged about it to your friends to be cool then the note 5 came out and you realized that technology is progressive and you may sooner or later have to develop a personality. Lost ass kids these days. Go play sports or something and quit campaigning a fucking battery on the internet.

    • I think they are right and you sound unusual. Like Mark, I get 2 full days- more than you and I do all sorts of things. Great article Mark!

      • you are the man Bill! I was laughing so hard reading all your replies. Everyone who is disagreeing with Bill, consider this. He may have completely have put himself in your shoes, but have you completely tried to look at it from his point of view?

  4. Samsung can really “listen to its customer base”?? Nope! ..who wants a phone without a replaceable battery? I don’t want to become one of those dolts you always see crowded around outlets at the airport because they were too stupid to get phones with replaceable batteries.

  5. 2 days battery life from a note 4?! Did you barely use it?! I can get 15 hrs out of mine max, with regular use.

  6. I did the side grade to the note 5 from the note 4. I did have my doubts with the note 5 with all the negative reviews and press but actually I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far. Phone so far for me is noticeable faster, camera is a lot faster on start up, fingerprint reader obviously much improved. The quick note feature of taking the pen out and immediately being able to not a note or diagram is more useful than I imagined. I actually like it a lot more than you would have thought after all the negativity about the device. Batter life actually for me better than the note 4, although my note 4 was about 9 months old. One of the reasons I upgraded was that my note 4 was very buggy for whatever reason, more so after the lollipop upgrade. Random crashes and reboots were annoying, along with constant keyboard crashes. Probably nothing more than a wipe couldn’t fix but still… anyway fairly happy with the device so far. Will miss the ir transmitter and not sure why they decidedto omit it from the device.

    • I have have a Note 4. Should have stayed on KitKat like me and I am incredibly happy. No bugs. Should have read about the well documented problems with lollypop first. Tech Times.

  7. I see the Note 5 as being a retrograde device. As Samsung’s seen fit to do away with the micro SDXC slot I won’t be in the market for a new Note device until there’s a Note with a minimum of 256 gigs of built-in storage costing less than $850 USD. Content to have a Note 4, Note Edge and a Note 3 as back-up.

  8. Utter tosh. I have had the note 3, 4 and just imported the note 5. The battery life is far better on the five. The whole phone is a generation ahead of the 3/4. Samsung forgot about the underpowered Note 4, still a sound phone, but please don’the try to hurt sales of the Note 5, it’seems the phone we’very been promised in a million Samsung adverts, it’seems blisteringly fast with awesome battery life.

    • Ridiculously wrong. What is a tosh? Nobody in North America uses that word. Your post is plain wrong. Battery is better on the Note 4. Plus you have to search for an outlet and sit there and wait. Have fun with that!

  9. My galaxy Note 4 one year old (SM N910F SD 805). The battery life is still very good.
    The Note 4 is the best snartphone i ever has
    (Iam 49 years old and i has alot’s of smartphones).
    Even if i will buy a new smartphone i will keep the Note 4.
    (Iam thinking to buy SONY XPERUA Z5 soon)

    Thank youm

  10. I’m currently using my note 4 and my note 5 with both running same apps and I use my note 5 a lil more with my gear smart watch linked to it at the end of a dad of heavy use the note 4 only has about 10% more battery

    • So what. Note 4 doesn’t need an outlet like you do. Plus you have to live with only internal storage. Note 4 has 128GB. You do not. Gob find an outlet!

      • As far as storage with my note 5 I only keep the important things on it for all my miscellaneous files I use a flash drive with a OTG cable and as far as battery life I keep a slim battery pack in my wallet for emergencies so I have no power issues for my note 4 or note 5 I usually get about 12 hours of use out of each but my signal strength is good and I’m always in 4G

  11. I get better battery life with my note 5 vs my old note 4, it’s not a day difference but it definitely is better.

    • Wrong man. Mark is right. I get 2 days out of mine and then I can swap out and get 2 more days instantly. The Note 4 outperforms Note 5. Sorry!

      • Sorry brother, I’ve posted 2 screen shots on my Facebook. One of my battery life after 8 hours on the note 4 and one of the note 5 and I’ve got 50% on the NOTE 4 and 60% on the note 5 after 8 hours of pandora and light YouTube on breaks. I’ve never had to switch battery’s in my note 4 or 5 because of the quick charging . If I know I’m going to be leaving I just plug in my phone for 30 min and get almost 50% charge. Having to carry around an extra battery isn’t necessary with the quick charge function, your telling me you don’t have any method of charging your device either in your car or at your job during the day? I doubt it.

        • Wrong again dude! First of all, I have a fast adaptive car charger. Second, I have a spare battery fast charger to charge my spares outside of my phone. Third, you have to be a slave to an outlet. I don’t. I have juice 24/7 365 without an outlet. Don’t care about your Facebook. NOTE 4 users have freedom! Note 5 users do not. Note 4 is King!! Still!

          • Not sure what you mean by slave to wall outlet. I use my wireless car charger on the way to work and charge my phone when I get home to sleep. If that classifies me as a slave to the outlet then everyone who owns a phone is one including you. I never search for a plug because my battery lasts me all day. If your having to change battery’s so often you must have your brightness turned all the way up,GPS always on, constantly fetching email and data through apps ect. But if you want to win the argument then I concede, your phone is greater than all others. Someone give this man a cookie.

  12. I have a note 5. My battery is awesome!!!!!! If I even think I might not have enough power for whatever reason then I’ll turn on my super power saving mode. Or just lower brightness and turn on black and white screen. So many options to overcome toting around a spare battery!!!!!. I go for 50% battery to 100% in 20 minutes or so with rapid charging. That far outweighs a removable battery!!!I’ve owned every galaxy phone so far and the note 5 is by far the best ever!!! 64bit Octacore processors!! New ddr4 ram! Awesome s_pen , etc …. don’t knock it till u try it. It’s already been quoted as the the fastest most powerful phone on the planet ever!!!!

    • This is true, you can manage your power one way or another, these days you can even get tiny key chain power banks that give you some juice in a pinch.
      Another option is power phone case which doubles the battery capacity.
      And it’s not hard to optimise your phone for better power consumption,
      a diligent look through the phone settings often reveals functions/apps that you do not use that suck the life out of your battery.

    • Perhaps for you but Mr. Judge created an excellent article about my beloved Note 4. I love this phone. Battery lasts forever and I prefer to carry spares I can change in less than one minute. YOU need to find an outlet. Sorry. Galaxy Note 4 is King of all Smartphones!

  13. “More feature filled and quite improved than it’s predecessor”…all these online ‘tech’ reviewers keep echoing eachother’s same BS, as if removing three VERY useful features and making the device MUCH more fragile equates to being ‘improved’…smh.

  14. The note 5 looks a good unit , I don’t know that I would call it more feature packed than the note 4 though,
    yes what the 5 has is top notch , but I can think of 5 features the note 4 had off the top of my head that the 5 does not. Looking at the note 5 how many features does it have that the 4 does not have ?

  15. I don’t know why Samsung doesn’t listen to its customers. We need replaceable battery phones. Power banks are ok but it is an extra thing to carry around. They should just come out with a new version of the Note 5 you pay extra but you have replaceable battery.

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