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Apple has finally expressed its opinion on the debate around whether you should put your iPhone in rice

It is a common occurrence, even among the most skilled individuals. As you casually doomscroll on your phone, it slips from your grasp and falls into the toilet bowl.

Almost immediately after mentioning that your phone is wet, someone will advise you to promptly submerge it in rice. If no suitable person is present, the internet will provide you with the same information. Placing a damp phone or gadget in dry, uncooked rice will help eliminate moisture and enable you to securely power up the device again.

Apple has changed its rules for what to do when you get an alert indicating that your phone is wet. Firstly, disconnect the phone and lightly tap it against your fingers with the connection facing downwards to eliminate moisture. After 30 minutes, they recommend attempting to charge it again.
Apple states that if the warning reappears, it indicates the presence of moisture in the connection or under the pins of your cable. Place your iPhone in a well-ventilated, dry place for about 24 hours. You may attempt to recharge or connect an accessory again within this time frame. The drying process may take up to 24 hours to complete.
The “things not to do” section specifically cautions against using external heat sources, swabs, and paper towels. The corporation should be informed about the rice rumor, since it is the only food item mentioned on the list.
Apple advises against placing your iPhone in a bag of rice. Doing this might result in minute rice particles causing harm to your iPhone.
Is this a scheme by a large corporation to prevent water from escaping your phone, therefore forcing you to purchase a new device? Declined. Although the hack has not undergone thorough testing, the concept originated in the 1940s for the purpose of preserving exposed film from moisture. It was observed that silica is more efficient. In a quasi-scientific experiment conducted in 2014, Gazelle compared rice with couscous, oatmeal, silica gel, and cat litter and had identical results.
As per a blog post, uncooked rice was shown to be the least effective alternative in terms of water absorption during a 24-hour period among those tested.
The experimenters found that a sponge placed in the open air was more effective than all the drying chemicals tested, suggesting that it is preferable to just leave your phone on a shelf.

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