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China has developed a new stealth aircraft that utilizes plasma technology

Typically, it is important for flying vehicles to be highly visible to ensure that other aircraft can detect their presence utilizing radar and various wavelengths of light. Military aircraft use technology to minimize visibility by reducing reflection and emission of light and sound using specific materials, design, and techniques. Chinese scientists have suggested a novel method using plasma, the fourth state of matter.

Plasma is the most prevalent state of matter in the universe, surpassing our usual encounters with liquids, solids, and gases. Plasma is ubiquitous, found in stars as well as neon signs. Plasma is formed when a material undergoes ionization, causing some of its electrons to be removed from its atoms, resulting in a mixture of unbound negative (electrons) and positive (atoms) particles.

Partial ionization is crucial for stealth technologies. Electromagnetic waves, such as radar or radio waves, cause charged particles in plasma to move and transfer energy to them. You may perhaps have a plasma that completely absorbs all of your radio frequencies. If nothing reflects back, you would be undetectable to the radar.

There is a significant disparity between the theoretical concept of stealth technology and its practical implementation. Chinese academics, such as Tan Chang, claim they are bridging the gap and have developed a solution for this technology that might be used in military aircraft shortly. According to the South China Morning Post, Chang has said that two methods have been tried and proven effective.

Radioactive material is used in certain areas of the spacecraft. As it deteriorates, it causes the air to get ionized, forming a plasma around itself. The other utilizes electricity to ionize the air around the vehicle. The concept aims to generate plasma on certain sections of the airplane without extending across the whole surface to make those areas stand out.

The team asserts that the methods enable adaptation to other aircraft designs without necessitating the unique trade-offs associated with conventional stealth aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor or the B-2 Spirit. Modifying the shape to decrease radar cross-section might lead to significant aerodynamic disadvantages. Plasma may provide a solution to this issue. Plasma stealth technology is said to be used in the Russian missiles 3M22 Zircon (SS-N-33) and Kh-47M2 Kinzhal.

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