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Employers are spending money on technology that continuously reads brainwaves of workers to “optimize” performance

Some firms used alternate strategies to make sure they received exactly what they wanted from employees as the pandemic kept everyone indoors and a record number of individuals started working from home. On workplace computers, some employees installed “spyware,” which tracked users and revealed what they were doing online. Some …

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Mercedes-Benz will restrict vehicle acceleration prior to receiving a $1,200 yearly subscription

Mercedes-Benz has placed a paywall that costs $1,200 a year in front of some electric vehicles’ full performance. Although many people have criticized the company, it claims that the “Acceleration Increase” will “unleash enhanced performance” of its Mercedes-EQ EQE and Mercedes-EQ EQS vehicles. The price range for the aforementioned vehicles …

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Now is the time to discuss killer robots

Looking for topics to discuss over the Thanksgiving dinner table that aren’t politics or sports? Let’s discuss killer robots now. Depending on how broadly you define “robot,” the idea has long since transposed from science fiction to reality. Asimov’s First Law of Robotics, which states that “A robot may not …

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