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Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Update Creates New Bugs for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

While we’re waiting for the rumored unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2, it’s being reported by several Samsung customers that the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update has caused several bugs within the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. These bugs are affecting the Bluetooth connectivity to wireless additions, including keyboards and mouses.

Android Origins reports that the 5.0.2 update seems to be affecting Galaxy Note Pro users who are using Logitech devices. “Those Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 users who are using Bluetooth devices from other manufacturers don’t seem to be having this issue but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening,” they said, “We just aren’t seeing any reports so far from anyone other than Logitech users.”

However, according to the comments, that doesn’t seem to be the case. User mel commented saying it’s any device that uses the generic BT driver pair. “One enterprising techie tracked the problem down to the fact that the generic BT driver was not included in the distribution,” mel said, “I tried flashing back to 4.4.2 twice and hung at the boot screen so ended up re-flashing 5.0.2. So I have a useless KB/case and mouse which together cost me about $150. Not happy!”

Android Central is also full of stories with similar issues in relation to this bug.

Now, a factory reset won’t solve this problem, so this further lends to the fact that it’s a software issue. And rest assured, Logitech is aware of the issue. They are working on a solution, but no definitive date has been given for a fix. Galaxy Note Pro users might have to wait until the next Lollipop update in hopes that this issue will be solved.

It’s unfortunate that the Android 5.0.2 update will cause such an issue with the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. Are there any Note Pro users here? Are you experiencing similar issues? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I have a note pro 12.2 and have been delaying the upgrade to lollipop. I do not use logitec items but am afraid to upgrade since this is my lifeblood for work. Should I bite the bullet and upgrade or wait for more reports?

    • Wait for a forthcoming fix if you use any Bluetooth HID accessories.

      • I actually tried an Apple BT keyboard and it paired and worked fine. I’m very alarmed at Samsung’s inability to bring reasonably quick response to such a wide spread issue. It just makes Apple more powerful. Further, like myself, many of us use the 12.2 pro for our professional lives and this is a show stopper. Quite literally stopping me from using it at work.
        If Samsung wants to keep any type of cred in the industry it better be more responsive.

    • Judging by the comments, Bluetooth keyboards from ALL manufacturers except Samsung have the issue. If you must use a Bluetooth keyboard, you should uncheck automatic update.

    • If you are using genuine Samsung keyboard & mouse you will be fine.

      • Yes, you are correct, I have one and mine works

        • Same here, I have the matching Samsung 12.2 BT keyboard (no BT mouse) and it works fine. My Logitech *unifying* USB mouse works via OTG, so it must be a BT issue. I haven’t tried any other devices (like my Dell laptop at work) but will be interesting to see. Samsung shouldn’t’ve ever let this happen.

  2. I’m using a Kanex keyboard as well as the Logitech and both are not working.

  3. Like tons of unfortunate users, I am stuck with an expensive useless logitech keyboard since the 5.0.2 upgrade on note pro 12.2

  4. Using a Microsft Wedge keyboard and mouse… both are completely useless with the lollipop “upgrade” on my Note Pro 12.2. This is clearly a Samsung issue as everything worked perfectly with KitKat and the keyboard and mouse work perfectly on all other devices I’ve tried them on that are running Lolipop (5.0.2)
    I’ve spent at least 4 hours on the phone with Samsung since the “update” was released and I installed it… to date their most ‘constructive’ advise is to send it in for repair. They are completely denying that this is their issue and have basically told me that it’s my fault and my problem and that there’s nothing they can do!
    As a business focused device, Samsung’s complete failure to address this issue is absolutely unacceptable!
    Samsung is about to lose a very loyal and long term customer if they don’t fix this without any further delay. I currently own over 15 Samsung devices personally and in my business… there will NOT be another purchase in my future!
    Epic failure Samsung!

  5. Mark R.M. Holmstrand

    Where can I get this 5.0.2 update for my Pro 12.2?

  6. Yes, my Logitech keyboard and Gigabyte bluetooth mouse both no longer worked after the 5.0.2 update. Since no fix seems to be on the horizon I finally broke down and purchased the Samsung keyboard and mouse. Both work fine.

    I had swore a few years ago to never purchase another Samsung device after a horrible experience with a Samsung Moment phone. When I was in the market for a new tablet just a few months ago I figured that I would give them another shot. What a mistake!!

    • Yeah, I am not completely satisfied with Samsung’s software, but unfortunately there are not really good alternatives, especially if you like big bight screens, haptic feedback, IR emitter, stereo speakers. Surface 3 is too heavy, Nexus 9 has bad size. The only hope I have is the iPad Pro, but you know, it is Apple. It would probably cost $999 or something.

  7. I have the same problem with my Zagg keyboard and Logitech mouse. I see nothing at all from Samsung on this. They should have blocked the update if it breaks things and certainly a fix should be out by now. Disappointing.

  8. I do not use Bluetooth keyboards, so I just wish I could get 5.02 soon. It has not been deployed in my region yet.
    I did not knew so many people were using physical keyboard with Android tablets. I had tried it before, but it was not that convenient I had imagined. Basically, if I need to type some long text, I use my laptop or desktop.

  9. My bluetooth keyboard (Perixx) is also now useless. Also my 8bitdo game controller is now useless. Both pair up just fine, but thats it.

  10. Yes I have an android note pro 12.2 and I have the same problem. The key board connects but can not be used after it connects. In my opinion they can not correct this too soon!

  11. I’m having this issue as well with a Logitech keyboard. This is ridiculous first that this new version broke the connectivity with an existing device (still being sold by Samsung for the 12.2 btw) and second that Samsung has not publically acknowledged this situation with a plan and commitment to fix it. I’ve been a long time loyal Samsung customer with both phones, tablets, and tv’s but this is seriously souring me against the brand. If it is not resolved quickly will cost Samsung a loyal customer.

  12. I unfortunately upgraded and now have a useless keyboard although it still serves a an expensive cover. Finding information on the logitech site is an effort in futility. When the keyboard as working,it was great. It is hard to believe that a fix hs to wait for the next lollipop upgrade. I got rid of my zoom because Google and Motorola could see eye to eye and now logitech and my new Samsung note 12.2 pro.

  13. 5.0.2 does not work with my Bluetooth keyboard, AirTurn Pedal or Targus mouse. Essentially, ALL of my bluetooth devices stopped working with this update. Ever hear of regression testing, Samsung?

  14. My Anker A7721 keyboard works fine, but my Microsoft Wedge mouse is a paperweight.

  15. My Verbatim Ultra-Slim Bluetooth keyboard is behaving the same as a Logitech … No problem pairing the keyboard to the NotePro12.2 which requires entering a numeric code on the keyboard. The tablet recognises the device and considers it paired. However, no keys are accepted by any of the apps. The keyboard works fine when paired to my PC.

  16. Same problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 which is using 5.0.2
    My Samsung BT mouse works ok.

  17. I got the Logitech Pro keyboard for my Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 yesterday and have tried everything I could think of to get it to work. (It was purchased fro a BestBuy store as a birthday gift from my family. How disappointing!!!!)

    It says that the keyboard is connected with Bluetooth. Except that it does not recognize any input from the keyboard. Who knows how long it will take for Samsung and/or Logitech to get this working? I feel that I have to return this in the meantime and try again some time later.

  18. I like the rest am patiently waiting for a fix to this problem. It is unfathomable that Samsung has not put out a fix. My tablet has lost all of the functionality of a keyboard driven device and is almost useless except for watching TV programs. I want to be compensated by Samsung for not responding by email or other means to let me know they are working on the problem. This is so bad!

  19. I have an HP branded bluetooth keyboard and have been dealing with the same difficulty since the update.
    It’s really a pain when this is a product geared towards business professionals.
    Using the on-screen keyboard with an SSH client or Remote Desktop is terrible.
    I know this is a case of “First World Problems”, but I did pay more for this device for a reason. I can’t root and install another ROM to try and correct it because I won’t be allowed on our corporate network.

  20. I have a Logitech keyboard that wont work so I went out and bought a Zagg bluetooth keyboard that doesnt work either. Best Buy gave me my money back but I want functionality. Samsung is getting ready to loose a customer.

  21. I have a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, and a Samsung bluetooth mouse. I just noticed in a meeting this week that when turning on my already-paired Samsung mouse, it would connect — but there is no cursor anymore. I worked with it for a couple days, changed batteries a couple times, nothing fixed it. I turned to the Internet and found frustration about it all over. It is not just Logitech. Even plugging in the wired mouse into the usb port through the dongle (which used to work) doesn’t any more. I was floored that this Android release introduced such a huge loss of functionality for a device I was using as a desktop replacement.

  22. Just got my brand new Note 12.2 yesterday and ran all the updates. This morning I tried to pair my Microsoft mouse and it seemed to pair just fine. However, I never saw the cursor on the screen. I just thought it was an issue with the mouse or batteries. This afternoon I purchases a nice new Logitech keyboard, gave it an hour of so of charging and paired to my Note Pro 12.2. I was prompted for the pairing code which was accepted. However, while it is paired it does nothing. This is when I began the Google search and found various posts about the Logitech and various other BT devices that will no longer connect. I didn’t try any BT device before the update but it sounds like it would have worked before the update. Hopefully, a solution is presented soon so I can use my new tablet as a business device that I had purchased it for.

  23. Spoke to Samsung on July 28. The technician told me they are aware of the bluetooth connection problem of logitech pro 12.2 and galaxy note pro 12.2 and they hope to have an update to the android 5.02 hopefully within the next week.
    Hopefully this wil occur as promised.

  24. I’ve had the same problem with the Logitech k480 and the Microsoft universal Bluetooth keyboard. They work with lollipop on my galaxy note 3 but neither will work with the Samsung Galaxy NotePro. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  25. Zagg keyboard stopped working also after 5.0.2 Loppipop update on Samsung Note Pro SM-900. Worst still the on screen keyboard doesn’t work if the bluetooth Zagg keyboard is turned on and connected (yes the keyboard and device both connect via bluetooth just don’t work).

  26. I use a bluetooth scanner at work that no longer works with the lollipop update. It pairs fine, but never gives the option to use it, so no input is accepted.

  27. Deborah Carosella

    I have a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and a logitech Bluetooth keyboard case which has become useless after updating to lollipop 5.0.2. The update has also affected my ability to cast using my chromecast stick and has caused problems running my Xfinity To Go app. I’ve reduced the use of my tablet because of this major F’up, so I have not discovered any other snafus with other apps. Not a happy camper (also not too keen on overall new look this update provided). And what’s with the inability to rollback to a previous operating system? I’m not a systems developer or programmer and I have no desire to ‘root’ or ‘break’ my OS to return to place of functionality. These tablets aren’t cheap and now it functions as a paperweight.

  28. David H. Langbroek

    I also have a Logitech pro keyboard which was rendered useless after the Lollipop upgrade. I have chosen Samsung for many products in my home and have been very satisfied, until now. It is totally unacceptable for Samsung to not issue a statement about this issue as soon as they found out about it with an approximate fix date. They have left a lot of good customers totally in the dark and those customers are not happy about it. Admitting a mistake has been made and a fix is forthcoming goes a long ways to keeping loyal customers happy Samsung! Like I said before, TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE !

  29. Carmen G. Maldonado

    I own a Note Pro 12.2 and my ZAGG keyboard STOPPED working. According to the tablet’s Bluetooth it states “recognized/connected” it but nothing comes out when I type. This started immediately after the android update. Now there is nothing ZAGG can do because it was the android update NOT the actual keyboard. If anyone could make this work without voiding any warranties I am listening/reading!! The keyboard is useless now.

  30. I just purchased a Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 and Logitech PRO keyboard/case. They don’t work together.

  31. I have a samsung s mouse and a logitech keyboard… Both stopped working after the update… I bought the tablet just because I could use it with a mouse and keyboard.. Samsung customer service # 1.800.726.7864

  32. I have a zagg bluetooth keyboard and got flashing screen now, tried some developper solution but the problem stay’s, the strange thing is it doesn’t occur all the time. You can watch a movie without an issue and then it starts again.

  33. David J Kryniski

    Any idea when a fix will be available ?

  34. My Logitech keyboard no longer works with my Note Pro 12.2. I tried several other Logitech keyboards at a store today and came away with an APPLE keyboard, because it works with my tablet and I was desperate.

  35. My Logitech Bluetooth keyboard has not worked since 5.0.2 update. Samsung’s lack of response really makes me doubt that I will buy any more Samsung products if they can’t fix such a simple problem in a reasonable amount of time.

  36. Bluetooth keyboard 2.0 and 3.0 are working just fine, maybe a slight delay, but my mouse is useless over BT 3.0. Plugged in my OTG cable and my Logitech Mouse, works fine, but kind of kills charging, thank god the Note Pro only lasts forever. Is this an issue on AOSP roms? Tried AOSP, but hated giving up native stylus support and SNotes and other Samsung baked in S Pen goodies. Didn’t have AOSP on long enough to test bt.

  37. Same problem here. My dog could have handled this situation more effectively. It’s been a long wait so I am getting a TOSHIBA Chromebook today.

  38. Logitech really need to come up with new software to support it with the lollipop firmware. Paid so much and it’s useless now. So disappointed, probably won’t buy their products again.

    • It was not Logitech that caused this, it was Samsung. There are a lot of other bluetooth devices that at having the same issue not made by Logitech.

      • No offense Jamie. i completely understand that. But im saying is that samsung did that so we can only use the samsung keyboard with the tablet(they can do whatever they want to their product) So why don’t logitech make a new software that will allow us to use their products again.

        • It is because these keyboards were built to use the generic bluetooth driver, which is standard in the android OS. They can’t make your keyboard use a different driver. It would have had to been buit in the hardware.

          • Oh well lol
            I guess samsung or android need to fix the lollipop firmware fast. So what u do due to this problem? Im looking to get me a samsung keyboard. It’s just been to long to wait

        • I have the Samsung Keyboard and am having the same problem.

  39. It is like any other bug… I’m sure they already have their developers working on a patch, but before they send it out, they have to go through extensive testing to be sure that it doesn’t cause any other bugs, so the best thing to do is be patient and wait… they will fix it… don’t toss your keyboards yet… for the time being you can try some of the other keyboard apps I really like the swift key keyboard app, it gives you the arrows to move the courser around rather than having to drag it with my sausage fingers… and can adjust the keyboard size etc… pretty cool… ok not as cool as a real keyboard but hey… we already established that isnt an option until it is… right? Right!

  40. I can’t use my tablet to turn my lights off anymore. The app didn’t work after update.

  41. I don’t know if this issue even belongs here (I’m a fairly non-techie person), but I just did the software update to 5.0.2 on my Samsung Galaxy TabS 8.4 and now my Twitter won’t load properly no matter what I do. The basics are there. Then it shows for a brief second the various tweets. Then they disappear saying there’s an “error.” Or “sorry something went wrong.” I’m stumped. And Twitter is about the only thing I use my tab for. Last update it was something else. I wish I’d never updated in the first place. Anyone have the same issue? Do I just re-install the Twitter mobile app? Would rather not. Ah, yes. Technology.

  42. Same connectivity issue with a HP H3T50AA bluetooth mouse. 🙁

  43. I refuse to be a guinea pig for these companies; I don’t have the time and they don’t pay me to be part of their experimental improvements; I never auto update – I like to get a good look at any “software update download” first and also make sure it’s not bogus. I thank those who dared to download the update and gave their feedback. After reading, I’m glad I checked and will not update right now. As some pointed out, it’s near to impossible to get buggy updates undone but one can always update later.

  44. I have a Note Pro and am having this problem. I love my Logitech keyboard so I hope this gets fixed soon. Still love the Note. I had issues with Lollipop on my S5 and had to hard reset the phone 4 times! after that it worked wonderfully again and my mom is loving it (I gave it to her when I upgraded to the Note 5). I expected bugs with the update so I am not really surprised however it would have been nice to not have any issues.

  45. I called Samsung and reported that my Samsung Pro keyboard which I forked $150 dollars for is having issues with the update! I use it for my online classes. I called more than a week ago and it’s still not fixed.

  46. Hi, I haven’t checked many gadgets/apps/keyboard…but as soon as the upgrade was complete, the screen brightness has pathetic. Can’t adjust to brighter. Really not happy with this dull screen in front of me. It was a perfect tool before the upgrade.aghhhhhh!!!

    • Pull down the screen at the top of your device, and there’s an X in the box that says “Auto” un-check that box. Maybe that would help?

  47. Bobby Lynn Lineberry

    I have a brand new air turn duo page turning foot pedal that uses the bt keyboard connection with the same problem will connect very slowly but randomly disconnects and reconnects frequently making the 100.00 device useless. Very disappointed I samsung .

  48. Debbie Isaac Kelly

    I just got my galaxy note pro so I think I’ll wait a bit before updating to lollipop u think?? Every time I turn it on its asking to update but I dont.

    • Lucky you! I put it off for a while; but i had to do some research for a project and I thought doing an update would help, it didn’t.

  49. I have had my galaxy note pro for two years now. up until recently the only issue I had been having was the screen would flicker incessantly but then a few restarts would fix it, however, about 3 days ago the wifi and Bluetooth stopped working altogether. I cannot connect to either medium. the tablet is worthless to me without internet connectivity. I have had many Samsung products in the past and Honestly, the last product they made that I was really happy with was the Galaxy Note 2. have had S phones and now have the note 4. I am beginning to get cold feet on purchasing anymore Samsung products for this last hiccup in the Tab pro. If I have to purchase another tablet because of this, it will NOT be a Samsung product. Does anybody else have the same connectivity issues I have. All my other devices are working just fine.

  50. If i had never installed 5.0.2 maby my new Logitech K-board would have work fine. It even work on my galaxy Note 4 with the new update to 5.1.1 cos before the update on my phone took place i had big problems with all my BT devices.
    Lets hope Samsung rollout 5.1.1 for Note Pro 12.2 too.
    My problem with the K- board ist that it connect but you cant type after that.

  51. Aw man. this totally answered my Q! I can’t connect my keyboard to my note pro. I knew! I shouldn’t of freakin’ of done an update!!!

  52. I guess there’s NO way that this can be back to its original ?

  53. I have a bluetooth keyboard and I am not having any issues with it. I am having issue with apps that keep turning off at random times

  54. I have a galaxy tab A 9.7 and since upgrading to 5.0.2 bluetooth stops working randomly the workaround I’ve found is to switch on airplane mode which powers down the bluetooth module wait 10 seconds and turn airplane mode back off but it’s annoying.

  55. Hello. I recently updated from. Kit kat ,Regretfully. I have had my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 P905V, since launch and I love it. It helps me run our business. I praise a great work tool.I only updated because some tools I utilize are no longer compatible with 4.4.4. Therefore time to update. Now every page reloads 3 times and half the time I loose my work. I’ve decided to call Samsung directly, I will keep you posted. Does anyone else have similar issues?

  56. I use the airturn ped wich is turning sheet Music via bluetooth. It´s not working any more after the update, only turning the sheets backwards, which is not usefull at all. What can I do, will there be a bugfix soon?

  57. Just updated to 5.0.2 on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S and everything hangs. The voice recognition on chrome just says “recognizing…” but never does.

  58. They know about the problems it will cause but dont care. Atleast this time it didnt lock the tablet in boot mode like all the other times. Sure that will happen soon. I dont think I’ll be buying another samsung tablet. think I’ll go with a surface. Seems to be more reliable and capable.

  59. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S is having the same connectivity issues. Since I allowed the 5.0.2 upgrade a couple of days ago, I can no longer connect to my Logitech keyboard and mouse.

  60. I have a Galaxy Tab A, only 3 months old. It has the latest version 5.0.2 and i now cant connect to my Bose soundlink speaker. Ive tried airplane mode but no good. Is there any third party bluetooth apps that can help connect

  61. The problem already made me mad with my Bluetooth BT earphones on my Galaxy Note 4 but android 5.1.1 had it fixed. I Bought a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and after it automatically updated to 5.0.2 my Bluetooth BT K-board stoped working. Do not download Android 5.0.2 on most Samsung devices and specially not any Note 4 or Note Pro 12.2 Wifi/LTE. You will have troubles with all Blootooth BT devices and you cant even downgrade to solve it. Android 5.1.1 Fix the problem but i doubt it gona make it to the Note Pro 12.2 any soon or on every region. Maby neverd also stoped to work.

    It a big mess and a bad publicity specialy for SAMSUNG!!! They know the problem but even after calling the support it seems they wont help much. They shuld releas Android 5.1.1 or 6.0 as fast as possible on all the devices with android 5.0.2 so frustrating really.

  62. The problem already made me mad with my Bluetooth BT earphones on my Galaxy Note 4 but android 5.1.1 had it fixed. I Bought a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and after it automatically updated to 5.0.2 my Bluetooth BT K-board stoped working. Do not download Android 5.0.2 on most Samsung devices and specially not any Note 4 or Note Pro 12.2 Wifi/LTE. You will have troubles with all Bluetooth BT devices and you cant even downgrade to solve it. Android 5.1.1 Fix the problem but i doubt it gona make it to the Note Pro 12.2 any soon or on every region. Maby never!

    It a big mess and a bad publicity specialy for SAMSUNG!!! They know the problem but even after calling the support it seems they wont help much. They shuld releas Android 5.1.1 or 6.0 as fast as possible on all the devices with android 5.0.2 so frustrating really.

    Reposted because made typing fault in anger. Greetings from Switzerland

  63. When are they going to fix this? My samsung tab s 8.4 keeps restarting and making weird flashes after the 5.0.2 update.

  64. I am using samsung keyboard and it also stopped working… my wifi also stopped working…It was a wrong decision to invest on a lot of samsung electronics. My smart TV is also giving me a lot of headache when it keeps on restarting and it does not connect to wifi to update. Using LAN and keeps freezing when I will even access the Network menu….such a waste of money.

  65. I had to roll back to the Stock Rom because it disabled USB audio out through an OTG cable.

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