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The No.1 G5 Smartwatch is a Cool Gadget for a Small Price

No.1 G5

Nowadays no one wears traditional watches anymore if they have a choice. Truth is that once you’ve had one smartwatch, it’s quite hard to go back to a timepiece that has only one functionality: keeping time. It may seem awkward that we don’t like traditional watches, given the fact that …

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RWATCH M26 Smartwatch Available for under $17

rwatch m26

Smartwatches seem to take the place of the regular timepieces we all used to own. There are high-end smartwatches made from extremely high-quality materials and interesting features, that cost a lot of money, and there are more affordable ones, like the RWATCH M26, which can be purchased for more than …

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homtom ht7

The HOMTOM HT7 is a great smartphone for those who don’t want to have a high-end device and instead of such a gadget they would like to opt for an affordable but still reliable device. It only costs $59.99 on Gearbest, so anyone can afford it. You might think that …

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DM007 RC Quadcopter – The best Christmas Present

dm007 rc quadcopter

Recreational drones are becoming more and more popular and that is because everyone loves them. It doesn’t matter whether you are 7, 14, 35, 48 or any other age, you can certainly enjoy flying one of these things around. The DM007 RC Quadcopter is the perfect Christmas gift for children …

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Christmas Gifts countdown ends on December 22 on Gearbest

christmas gifts countdown

Gearbest had some great promotions all through the year and even a few days before Christmas, the online store is working on making its customers’ wishes come true. In order to do this, Gearbest offers its customers the possibility to choose their three favorite items from the site before the …

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U80 – the 10$ smartwatch


Gearbest prepared a great Christmas gift for its customers. The U80 smartwatch is now 55% off and you can purchase it for only $9.99. Where else could you buy a smartwatch for this crazy low price? The fact that it is this affordable doesn’t mean at all that the U80 …

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Oukitel A29, a nice, affordable smartwatch

Oukitel A29

Oukitel is mainly known for its smartphones, but it also offers smartwatches, the A29 being one of these. The Oukitel A29 is a brand new gadget, available for preorder on Gearbest until November 25 for only $65.79. This is a great price considering the price tags of other smartwatches, that …

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Chuwi Hi8 Pro, an extremely affordable tablet below $100

The smartphone and tablet market grows bigger and bigger each day, giving customers endless possibilities to find exactly what they wish for. If you would like to have an affordable, but still good- quality tablet, you can preorder one from Gearbest for only $95.39. It is the Chuwi Hi8 Pro, …

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