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HYJAX Releases New Mobile Charging Solution

One of the biggest problems of our lives nowadays is the lack of energy when we most need it. HYJAX comes with a  simple solution. The startup just announced the release of their mobile charging device. The new gadget allows users to easily and safely charge their mobile devices whenever they can get their hands on an 8 volt to 24 volt battery. One of the best things about the device is that it can charge not only one but two mobile devices simultaneously.

The HYJAX device is safe to use thanks to its replaceable car type fuse. All users need to do is connect all the ports of the device together, connect the black gator clip to the negative terminal of the battery securely, connect the red gator clip to the positive terminal, and plug in the USB devices to the dual USB ports of the gadget. The device works with a number of batteries, from Golf Carts, Boats, Lawn Mowers, Tractors,  ATVs & UTVs and so on. Charging a smartphone or a tablet when outside can’t really get any easier than this. Besides the fact that it can save the day, the HYJAX device is also quite safe. Given its car type fuse, if anything goes wrong, the replaceable fuse will be the one damaged, not the connected gadget.

Of course, if the user owns a power bank, it’s easier to use that. However, there are cases when a power bank is not the solution to the problem. For these cases, there’s this new gadget. And it is quite affordable. Customers can purchase it for $40.00. The device is available starting January 19 on www.HYJAXPower.com. At this point, it isn’t available at retailers. However, if it proves to be as efficient as its developers claim we might just see it on the shelves soon. Until then, it can be purchased online.


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