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A lot of smartphones, few real best options

If you are a pretentious person and you want to buy the best smartphone, you have to choose between these 2 great smartphones brand names: Apple and Samsung. And this is not necessarily a good thing.

The last reviews from the web about the Samsung Galaxy S6 reconfirm that this is an excellent option and the only real rival for Apple. This does not mean that these 2 great names do sell some perfect tools. They both have to do a lot in order to improve their products to the level of the high costs. But they are the only ones that can compete to such a high performance level.

You should get used to the fact that outside Apple and Samsung there no other complete rivals, some that can show us new things that Apple and Samsung did not reveal yet. And who could other rival be that be, anyway? HTC? With its 3-rd One that disappoints more that it satisfies? Sony, who will not build smartphones for a longer time? LG, Huawei, Xiaomi or others?

The fight between these 2 big brands is carried with all weapons, with the image and the communication. But the fight is a little confusing. It is a fight more between operating systems like Android and iOS, and they compete on a software and ecosystem level. These 2 big players do not have any competition on any chapter but this does not encourage the free market and competition and finally the customer is the one who’s affected. But, for the moment, we have to let criticizes and to applaud Apple and Samsung for what they do and others don’t. When it’s time to criticize them we will, don’t worry about it.

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