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Microorganisms discovered at a depth of 1,250 meters under the Earth’s surface had the ability to convert carbon dioxide into crystalline structures

Located in the subterranean depths of South Dakota’s Black Hills, there exists a bacteria with the capacity to efficiently convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into a solid mineral under very challenging circumstances. If scientists can harness these peculiar bacteria, they might provide a novel method for capturing greenhouse gases from exhausted …

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PureSpace removes ripening gas to preserve produce

One-third of all food is wasted before it decomposes in your fridge, according to the UN. That terrible statistic is one reason leading VCs and celebrities have invested in supply-chain food loss prevention companies. Apeel coats produce, Shelf Engine predicts order volume with AI, and Misfits Market sells “ugly” produce. …

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Arm after the IPO

Arm EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Will Abbey told me this morning, minutes before the chip designer’s stock started trading on Nasdaq, that “AI, I believe, is the growth of Arm.” You may not think of AI when you hear about Arm, but Abbey immediately thought of it when I …

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Chipmaker NXP confirms customer data breach

Dutch chipmaker NXP Semiconductors informed customers of a personal data breach. Have I Been Pwned owner Troy Hunt tweeted a copy of NXP’s breach notification email to alert affected customers. Affected individuals have an online NXP account, which provides technical content and community support. “With account security features like two-step …

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Will AI models always hallucinate?

Large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT all lie. The mistakes range from bizarre and harmless—claiming the Golden Gate Bridge was transported across Egypt in 2016—to dangerous and problematic. A mayor in Australia threatened to sue OpenAI after ChatGPT misrepresented his plea to a major bribery scandal. Researchers found that …

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