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How Does a TV Set Operate?

Look at your modern-day TV, and you witness nothing less than a technological miracle. Scientists began experimenting with the concept of television more than a century ago. But it wouldn’t be until the 1939 World’s Fair that the Radio Corporation of America introduced it to the general audience. Before TV …

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SpaceX becomes a full-service defense contractor with a focus on national security Starshield

The U.S. government has already come to rely heavily on SpaceX’s launch services, but the company is now diving headfirst into a pool it had previously only dabbled in. A brand-new division of SpaceX called Starshield will offer customized satellite designs and secure communications to “government entities” (think three-letter agencies). …

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Employers are spending money on technology that continuously reads brainwaves of workers to “optimize” performance

Some firms used alternate strategies to make sure they received exactly what they wanted from employees as the pandemic kept everyone indoors and a record number of individuals started working from home. On workplace computers, some employees installed “spyware,” which tracked users and revealed what they were doing online. Some …

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