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Tay and Billie return to TikTok thanks to a new UMG content licensing agreement

Once more, users of TikTok can make music videos from UMG’s library, which includes songs by some of today’s biggest artists like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande. This is because a new content licensing agreement marks the end of a months-long battle between the social media platform and Universal Music Group (UMG). The companies did not disclose the deal’s financial details.

The company is going through a difficult time with this move. TikTok is once again in danger of being blocked in important markets, like the United States. Therefore, securing this deal with UMG is crucial for the company’s ability to both improve its content and raise its profile among the users that TikTok is depending on to support it. The company could use good news like this, even though it has chosen to fight the possibility of a ban in the United States through the legal system.

In a week or two, the catalog will be ready for video production. This also implies that once the catalog is made available, previously released videos that featured muted UMG music will no longer be muted.

“TikTok fans can once again enjoy creating videos using music from some of the biggest artists and songwriters in the world, as well as exciting emerging talent,” the platform said in a post. “Fans can look forward to the return of UMG’s recorded music and publishing catalogs.”

Because she owns the masters to some of her albums, Taylor Swift’s music was restored to TikTok last month, which is why the deal came about.

Following their disagreement, TikTok and UMG have “found a path forward,” according to CEO Shou Chew of the company.
“We are happy to have found a way forward with Universal Music Group, as music is an essential component of the TikTok ecosystem.” In order to further enhance UMG’s incredible artists’ and songwriters’ capacity to develop, connect, and interact with the TikTok community, we are dedicated to collaborating with them to drive value, discovery, and promotion,” he stated.

After declining to extend its partnership with TikTok, UMG removed its catalog from the short video platform earlier this year. Separately, UMG and Spotify agreed to a new contract for music videos.

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