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Mobile apps from Threads make profile switching easy

Meta-owned Twitter rival Threads now allows account switching without logging out. The social networking app announced Thursday that users can swap accounts on its mobile apps by long pressing the bottom right profile icon. After the long press, tap “Add profile” to create a new profile. Switching between work and …

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X launches government ID account verification

For paid users, X, formerly Twitter, has implemented government ID-based account verification to prevent impersonation and provide “prioritized support.” Social media partner Au10tix provides identity verification solutions from Israel. The ID verification pop-up says the Au10tix can store this data for 30 days. X’s verification support page says ID verification …

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iOS 17 has new privacy and security features

The much-anticipated iOS 17 update for iPhones arrives today with new and improved security features. Much of the new features protect iPhone owners at higher risk of cyberattacks and spyware, like journalists, activists, and human rights defenders. iOS 17’s anti-web tracking, password storage, and easy sharing of new phishing-resistant passkeys …

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Bluesky reaches 1 million users

One of the most popular post-Twitter apps reached a milestone on Tuesday. Bluesky strategy and operations manager Rose Wang posted a screenshot on X, formerly Twitter. The X competitor famously only allowed app access through a waitlist and user invitations, keeping the platform’s population small as it scaled. https://x.com/iamrosewang/status/1701735196679356887?s=20 Bluesky …

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The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max up close

We braved the press scrum to show you the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. USB-C is the big news across the line. Since Apple introduced the Lightning port exactly 11 years ago, a refresh was overdue. Add to that recent EU legislation to universalize USB-C and the fact that …

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