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In December, Instagram Threads experienced a significant surge in downloads, propelling it to the top 10 charts. Meanwhile, X dropped to the 36th position

Instagram Threads has managed to regain momentum after experiencing a period of stagnation last year, causing some to question its viability. However, recent developments have put those concerns to rest. Recent data reveals a different story altogether. Threads is defying expectations and experiencing remarkable growth. In December alone, its downloads …

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Worldcoin is set to unveil a new Orb that will give its eyeball scanning device a more approachable appearance

It has been slightly over 180 days since Worldcoin publicly launched, and the Orb device, with its futuristic appearance, is receiving an upgrade. Alex Blania, CEO and co-founder of Tools for Humanity, shared this exclusive information with TechCrunch. “The new orb is on its way,” Blania mentioned during a fireside …

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Vicarius secures $30M in funding for its cutting-edge vulnerability detection tools powered by artificial intelligence

Based on the pitches I receive in my inbox, it seems that one of the emerging trends in generative AI is the development of “copilots” for cybersecurity. There is a company that has one. Google, as well. Vicarius, the vulnerability remediation platform, has introduced a new text-generating AI tool called …

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