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Poe on Quora is introducing subscriptions so that you can communicate with a GPT-4-powered bot

Yesterday, rival Anthropic announced Claude, a ChatGPT competitor to OpenAI’s new GPT-4 model. In a related announcement, Quora stated that its Poe chatbot app will soon have a paid version that will allow you to communicate with bots powered by these models. Poe subscriptions cost $19.99 per month or $199.99 …

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Geniee of Japan purchases Zelto, an AdPushup operator, for $70 million

According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the Japanese marketing technology company Geniee, a member of the SoftBank Group, paid about $70 million in cash to acquire the revenue optimization platform Zelto (previously known as AdPushup), providing investors in the startup that started out in India with a …

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According to Coinbase, hackers stole the personal data of some employees

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has confirmed that the same hackers who attacked Twilio, Cloudflare, DoorDash, and more than a hundred other companies last year briefly compromised their systems. Coinbase claimed in a post-mortem on the incident that the so-called “0ktapus” hackers stole one of its employees’ login information in an …

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To link Twitter accounts with cryptocurrency wallets, Addressable raises $7.5 million. Yet how?

Marketo, a company created, among other things, to improve marketing to social media users, was eventually purchased by Adobe. A new startup now seeks to replicate Marketo’s Web2 success in Web3. Digital fingerprinting startup Addressable claims to be able to link social media accounts with anonymous crypto wallets. In fact, …

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App based on Bitcoin Strike increases its presence in the Philippines to promote cross-border payment options

To expand the cross-border payment and remittance markets, Strike, a financial app and payment network based on Bitcoin, is entering the Philippines. According to Jack Mallers, CEO of Strike, “the Philippines is one of the largest remitting markets in the world, especially from the United States.” According to Statista data, …

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