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How and why You Should buy Aelf

Ethereum was the first blockchain network to offer a platform for building decentralized applications. Now, more than 5 other decentralized networks are offering the same services. Some are already threatening ethereum with their more advanced capabilities. Aelf, a programmable Operating System is one of them. Developed by a Singapore-based team, …

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New Cryptocurrencies To Watch Out For In 2018

The top new Cryptocurrencies out now

Cryptocurrencies have been being used for online purchases and investing for a few years now and this is a great way to perform transactions securely. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is not controlled or regulated by a central bank. The first cryptocurrency to be used was the Bitcoin, …

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Cryptocurrency crash

Bitcoin hits $5,000 and the Chinese Government bans ICOs sending the market into a freefall, are we witnessing a cryptocurrency crash?

Bitcoin hit a major milestone on Friday. The cryptocurrency finally surpassed $5,000 in value. This coincided with an announcement from China that ICO’s are now illegal. These two factors then prompted a massive market selloff that bought the value of every major cryptocurrency tumbling down. The market shows no signs …

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