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Worldcoin is set to unveil a new Orb that will give its eyeball scanning device a more approachable appearance

It has been slightly over 180 days since Worldcoin publicly launched, and the Orb device, with its futuristic appearance, is receiving an upgrade. Alex Blania, CEO and co-founder of Tools for Humanity, shared this exclusive information with TechCrunch.

“The new orb is on its way,” Blania mentioned during a fireside chat at a StrictlyVC event on Wednesday, hinting that future iterations will have a distinct appearance. He mentioned that he became a part of the company approximately four years ago, and the initial design of the Orb existed before he started working there.

The upcoming Orb, set to be released in the first half of this year, will feature a variety of colors and designs to create a more approachable and inviting appearance, according to Blania. In general, it will have a more subdued appearance, resembling an Apple product, according to his statement.

Tools for Humanity is the company behind Worldcoin, the crypto project co-founded by Blania, Sam Altman, and Max Novendstern. So far, it has managed to secure approximately $250 million in funding from notable investors such as a16z, Bain Capital Crypto, and other prominent backers.

The startup has gained significant recognition in the venture capital and crypto communities due to its innovative Orb device. This device scans individuals’ irises and provides them with a unique “World ID.” This ID allows users to access Worldcoin’s application and a digital passport. The verification process is designed to ensure the authenticity of individuals’ identities and prevent the creation of multiple accounts.

Blania playfully mentioned that a lot of people in the U.S. have a strong interest in the design of the Orb – and it’s understandable why. The flagship device is a five-pound chromatic bowling ball-sized device that has a futuristic appearance. According to him, people have strong opinions about it, either loving it or hating it.

Although there may be doubters, at the StrictlyVC event in downtown San Francisco, a Tools for Humanity employee mentioned that a “couple dozen” attendees willingly scanned their IDs to receive a World ID. The employee mentioned that there has also been testing conducted in the field for the new Orb.

Throughout its beta testing phase, the project placed emphasis on gaining traction in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Nairobi, Kenya; Lisbon, Portugal; and Bangalore, India. Consequently, it received criticism from critics who claimed it unfairly focused on developing economies. In a quest to broaden its reach, Worldcoin embarked on a global journey last year, making stops in prominent cities such as Tokyo, Miami, New York City, and San Francisco.

According to its website, Worldcoin has seen an impressive surge in new account creations over the past week, with over 190,000 new accounts being registered. In total, approximately 3.13 million individuals have signed up for Worldcoin.

The thesis is straightforward. We are striving to reach billions of users as quickly as possible,” Blania said.

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