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See Tickets claims hackers stole payment data again

See Tickets has disclosed its second credit card data breach in 12 months.

Vivendi Ticketing’s See Tickets acknowledged the latest breach in a filing with Maine’s attorney general this week.

The ticketing company discovered “unusual activity” on its e-commerce websites in May. An unnamed cybersecurity firm found that hackers “inserted multiple instances of malicious code into a number of its e-commerce checkout pages.”

This suggests hackers used credit card skimming malware, which steals customer payment card details from checkout pages.

The notice states that the hackers accessed names, addresses, and payment card information used to buy See Tickets between February 28 and July 2. This information includes debit or credit card numbers, security codes, passwords, and PINs.

The notice states that hackers stole data from over 323,000 See Tickets customers.

See Tickets wrote to affected customers that its breach investigation was completed on July 21 and that the company “moved quickly to notify you” despite taking more than six weeks to notify them.

This is See Tickets’ second breach in months.

After two years of compromised event checkouts, See Tickets revealed in October 2022 that hackers stole customers’ payment card information. The company said the skimming began on June 25, 2019, but the code was found in April 2021. The malware was removed from See Tickets in January 2022, almost a year later. How many people were affected by this breach is unknown.

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