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I have always been eager to try out any gadget I could get my hands on. I became a tech journalist so that I could always be around technology and see the newest devices. I use gadgets every day to make my work and life easier. I have enough experience to know If a device is actually improving my activity, offers something useful or new. I will post my honest opinions and judge a device as objectively as I can.

Review of the Casio PRW-3100

I recently changed my wristwatch. I am not a big wristwatch fan, I only wear one when I’m at work or when I’m doing something that makes reaching for my phone inconvenient ( for example hiking, climbing, riding a bike, etc.) I’ve been using a Timex Ironman for the last 6-7 …

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Montblanc Summit is the Company’s First Luxury Smartwatch

Smartwatches took over the wearable market years ago. Even so, luxury watches manufacturers didn’t seem to be eager to get in line. They continued delivering the high-quality traditional accessories everyone knew. In the past few years, however, it seems these manufacturers had a change of heart. The latest timepiece manufacturer company …

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SK Telecom Will Unveil 360 VR Live at MWC 2017

360 VR Live

The 2017 Mobile World Congress is only a few days away and it seems it will be quite interesting. Besides the great number of smartphones and gadgets that will launch at this event, SK Telecom will unveil its 360 VR Live platform. The full name of the 360- degree live …

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NIFTYX Allows People To Wear Their Charging Cables


We all depend on our smartphones and tablets, whether we care to admit it or not. Unfortunately, this addiction can be extremely frustrating at times. Especially when our gadgets run out of juice exactly when we need them the most. The NIFTYX LifeSaving Bracelet is ready to save the day. The company …

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