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OnePlus waited three years before enhancing its smartwatch battery

The year is 2024. All smartwatches should have extended battery life, period. Currently, there is an incredibly broad choice of gadgets available. The low battery life is the primary concern with the Apple Watch. The Series 9 has a battery life of 18 hours in regular mode and 36 hours in Low Power Mode.

The new OnePlus Watch 2 boasts an impressive 100 hours in full Smart Mode. It is advisable to be cautious about such claims until the wearable is officially shown next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I suggest advising interested individuals to wait for the first evaluations to become available.

The business took a three-year break and reflected on their progress after releasing the OnePlus Watch 1, as stated in a blog post.

OnePlus has to focus on developing battery technology. The first device offered a battery life of up to two weeks with a 3,402mAh battery, or 25 hours when the GPS feature was disabled. Despite this, it was the main feature of a watch that did not leave a strong impression. Standing out among Wear OS devices is challenging due to the competition from Google and Samsung, requiring one to make further efforts to be seen.

OnePlus shown its ability to wow, even without being the first to enter the market. In the early stages of its smartphone launches, this was a recurring theme, and the firm demonstrated its capabilities with the OnePlus Open. I was one of the people who were pleasantly pleased by how much I like the product. This is a general observation about the consumer electronics industry rather than a particular critique of OnePlus.

OnePlus states that they revisited their design process based on input from the community to guarantee that the OnePlus Watch 2 provides an outstanding user experience. Community input was a key distinguishing factor during OnePlus’s original launch. As firms expand, it becomes challenging to maintain a straight channel like that. The smartphone manufacturer has been officially integrated with the Chinese electronics company Oppo.

However, it is evident that battery life is crucial for smartwatches without the need for lengthy discussions with customers. These items are intended for continuous wear, both during the day and at night. There is little space available for charging. Wearing a gadget for many days without concerns greatly enhances the experience. It provides a more comprehensive overview of your fitness and sleep habits when you don’t have to charge it every other night.

Three years represent a significant period in the realm of consumer electronics. The Watch 1 had little impact on the smartwatch industry. Emphasizing battery life significantly may enhance its prospects for the next round. I am not optimistic about the category due to its dominance by a few major players and the prevalence of very cheap gadgets. However, anything that emphasizes the significance of improved battery life is likely beneficial for the category overall.

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