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dm007 rc quadcopter

DM007 RC Quadcopter – The best Christmas Present

Recreational drones are becoming more and more popular and that is because everyone loves them. It doesn’t matter whether you are 7, 14, 35, 48 or any other age, you can certainly enjoy flying one of these things around. The DM007 RC Quadcopter is the perfect Christmas gift for children over 14 years, and it will only set you back $35.89 if you order it on Gearbest right now. You can opt for the black version, the white version, or you can simply buy both of them because they are really affordable.


The DM007 RC Quadcopter is equipped with a  6 axis gyro and a 2MP camera to record everything you want it to. The 2MP doesn’t necessarily sound impressive at first sight, but actually, it is more than capable of delivering some great quality pictures and video. It will capture all the events that need capturing, and will do that in the best possible way. The 2.4GHz remote control works on 4 different channels, making sure that you will always be in control of the device, and that it will fly exactly where you need it to.  The 6 axis gyro allows users to easily implement various flight movements for the quadcopter and it also ensures the stability of the device in flight. Due to this feature the air craft is easy to control and also has a high wind resistance.

The device is capable of flying with two speeds. Beginners should first fly it on low speed, but those who already have some experience with similar gadgets can go ahead and speed the device up, and enjoy it even more. The DM007 RC Quadcopter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying, and it can also be used during the night thanks to its cool night light. The device will record amazing videos even in the night, so you don’t have to miss out on anything just because it is dark outside.


The replaceable  7.4V 380mAh li-po battery of the quadcopter ensures enough energy for 6-8 minutes of flying and it fully charges in 80-90 minutes. This way users will be able to take some great videos, and since the battery is replaceable, they can have more than one batteries they can change if they need or want to record longer videos than 8-9 minutes. The air craft can be controled from a distance of approximately 150m, so users will be able to record images even from places that are relatively far from them. However, they should take into consideration the flight time they need to recover their air craft safely.

If you order the DM007 RC Quadcopter from Gearbest you will also have in the package an LCD transmitter, 4 protection frames, 2 skid landings, 4 spare blades, a 2GB memory card, one card reader, and, of course, a user manual in English and an EU plug charger. All you need to do in order to get all this for only $35.89, is to order it from gearbest as soon as possible. Stock is limited, so you should hurry up.


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