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Bluesky has now made it possible for heads of state to join the social network

Over the weekend, Bluesky, the social networking platform, decided to allow sign-ups for heads of state. Various office holders can now join the platform, just like data scientists. Bluesky’s decision anticipates upcoming general elections in countries such as the U.S. and India, which are set to take place this year.

Last year, during Bluesky’s invite-only period, the company made it clear that it had certain restrictions in place for sign-ups. Specifically, heads of state were not allowed to create accounts, and users were encouraged to reach out to the startup if they wanted to invite prominent figures.

“We understand and value the excitement surrounding the invitations we have received. However, at this time, we are unable to include heads of state in our beta program.” The company had made a statement at that time, which also applies to recent/prominent heads of state.

In February, the company decided to make the platform accessible to everyone, ending its exclusive invite-only mode that had been in place for nearly a year.

Bluesky encountered moderation challenges in its early days and had to address issues such as the use of racial slurs in usernames. Additionally, users have consistently urged the platform to take stronger action against hate speech.

In December of last year, Bluesky introduced moderation lists alongside automated moderation tools. In a recent update, the company introduced the Ozone tool, empowering users to create their own moderation and labeling services.

Given the recent inclusion of political heads on the platform, the social network may encounter novel moderation challenges. And it should be ready to handle various scenarios.

Threads, Bluesky’s competitor, has chosen not to actively endorse political content. Nevertheless, Bluesky users have the freedom to explore various types of political content without being dependent on a central algorithm. They can easily subscribe to different feeds to stay informed.

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