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Nexus 6P to be sold via Best Buy

Nexus 6P

According to 9to5Google, the Nexus 6P will be sold via Best Buy in the near future. This is not the only good news for the fans of the brand, according to the same source the gold variant of the device will also become available for US customers at the same …

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Google will alert Gmail users about unencrypted emails

Gmail, Google’s email service  is taking security extremely seriously. The company united their forces with research teams from the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan starting 2013 and they tried to come up with a solution to make the email service even more secure. Now they revealed the result …

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Google car pulled over for impeding traffic

Google Car

Google’s autonomous cars are allowed to freely circulate in California, but it seems that one of them got into trouble. The Google car got pulled over by a police officer that noticed that traffic was backing up behind the self- driving vehicle. It’s no wonder that traffic was getting heavy …

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Google’s Expeditions VR Platform Is Extending to Another 15 Cities

Google's Expeditions VR Program

Google launched their Expeditions Pioneer Program in September and ore than 100,000 students already got the chance to use Google’s VR kit for students. Google’s Expeditions Program consists in teams of the company visiting schools around the world, starting with the United States but including also countries like  Australia, New …

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Google Gives Up Plans Of Opening Store in NYC

Google Store Location

Last year Google bought a building in New York’s SoHo clearly planning on opening a store there. Now it seems that they canceled their plans and will try to lease the premises. According to sources Google spent around $6 million on renovating the building they purchased last year. They will probably try …

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Google to merge Chrome OS and Android

According to recent reports Google decided to merge its two operating systems: Chrome OS and Android. Since Android is the most dominant operating system of Google, it seems that this is the OS that will run on the majority of Google devices. This means that laptops will also run on …

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Alphabet’s Project Loon Balloons to be Tested in Indonesia

Alphabet’s Project Loon was launched in order to deliver Internet connection to those who don’t yet have Internet access. Although we are used to having permanent Internet connection, unfortunately this isn’t the case for about two- thirds of the world’s population according to Google. But this might change thanks to …

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