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Samsung Gear S2- Amazing Preorder Sales

Samsung’s new smartwatch, the Gear S2 is said to be scheduled to hit the stores on 2 October both in the USA and Europe. The eye- catching smartwatch manufactured by Samsung was available for preorder right after its launch earlier  this month and the 1000 pieces preorder stock was finished in only 2 hours in South Korea. This is not necessarily surprising given the sleek design and the features of the new device.

For now Samsung’s new smartwatch is only available for preorder and only in a few countries but if we consider the preorder sales, it will surely be a highly sought gadget after its release in October. The Samsung wearable has a great design, making it not only a smart device but also a cool accessory to sport. The circular shape of the smartwatch makes it a lot more elegant and wearable than other smartwatches on the market right now. Huge sales are also expected because of the variety the Gear S2 has to offer. It comes in three variants: the Gear S2, the Gear S2 Classic and the Gear S2 3G, all three devices being equally eye- catching. The spinning bezel that surrounds the smartwatches  1.2- inch Super AMOLED display is a smart touch added to the smartwatch, which makes it not only appealing but also more practical, navigating through menus and apps becoming easier than ever. The Gear S2’s touchscreen and Home and Back buttons are also meant to make the smartwatch more practical and user- friendly.

The feature that differentiates Samsung’s smartwatch from most of the recent wearable devices is that it doesn’t run on Android Wear, instead Samsung went for the Tizen platform, giving its customers another option. The Samsung Gear S2 also has a number of health- related features, like the heart rate sensor which is incorporated in the smartwatch and apps that monitor your daily activity levels, your caffeine and water intake and the number of steps you took in a given period.

The Samsung Gear S2 is powered by a 1 GHz  dual- core processor and has 512 MB memory and 4 GB internal storage. The smartphone features a 250 mAh battery for the Bluetooth versions and a larger, 300 mAh battery for the 3G model. Of course, the Gear S2 offers Bluetooth connectivity, Wi- Fi and NFC, which can be used with Samsung Pay, yet to be released. Unlike the Bluetooth models, the G3 ones don’t need to tether your smartphone in order to make phone calls and access certain apps. Unfortunately the Gear S2 G3 won’t be available right now. When it will become available is yet to be seen.

As far as the prices go, it seems that in the US the Samsung Gear S2 will be purchasable  for $350 and the Gear S2 Classic and Gear S2 3G will cost $400. In Europe Samsung’s new wearable will cost 349 Euros and the Classic version will be available for 399 Euros. This makes the Gear S2 more affordable than the Apple Watch. The lower price and the more appealing design of the Samsung Gear S2 will probably make this device a worthy competition for the Apple Watch. It remains to see which one will prevail.




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  1. Are these idiot articles based on no facts whatsoever….paid for by Samsung?

    • Alessandro Eppacher

      What isn’t factual in this article?

      • Predictions of success based on 3 ? The headline, heck the whole badly written piece.

      • Caiming that this product has amazing sales based on 3000 Korean pre sales is Amazingly STUPID. The very concept of the piece is thus non factual.
        But if you like reading this kind of rubbish send me your mail and i can forward my Spam. The article is basocally an ad. Sad. Poor journalism.

  2. I have the gear s now for about a year and I use and love going out without my big phone and still having a phone on my wrist. I also use the music, pedometer and sometimes the internet all for 10 bucks a month. What a great wearable.

    • I am presently with a Gear 2 and love it. I really want the Gear S with the 2″ screen but was hoping for a new one which is nowhere to be seen.

  3. It’s round and has a bezel therefore demand will be high. Am I a writer for TGC now? It seems I’ve hit all that’s required, based on this article.

  4. A few more days i can’t wait. Finally a great design from Samsung for us who likes the round design.

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