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Unpaid rent is evicting Twitter from its Boulder office

According to court documents, Twitter owes three months of rent to its Boulder landlord and has been evicted.

Twitter has been plagued by unpaid bills since Elon Musk took over. Twitter stopped paying rent for months, which suggests its operations may be worse than expected.

Lot 2 SBO LLC, the Chicago-based landlord of Twitter’s Boulder office at 3401 Bluff St., received a $968,000 letter of credit in February 2020, according to court documents and the Denver Business Journal. Since March, the company has not paid rent because it ran out of money. If rent was paid regularly from that sum, it would be around $27,000 per month, illustrating the values involved.

On May 31, the landlord took it to court, and the judge ordered the sheriff to evict Twitter within 49 days, or by July 31. Boulder District Court case 2023CV30342.

Twitter’s Boulder offices had 300 employees, but layoffs, other firings, and resignations have cut that number in half.

TechCrunch confirmed the Denver Business Journal’s legal records, but the Sheriff’s office said it couldn’t comment until they were resolved. While researching the case, another appeared confirming a separate case in which a cleaning company is seeking $93,504 in unpaid fees from the company.

Twitter did not comment.


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