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Speakeasy automates API creation and distribution with AI

Creating and documenting APIs takes time, but most developers want to help other companies connect to their services. Early-stage startup Speakeasy wants to automate that.

The company exited stealth today with a $7.6 million seed investment.

As a developer, Speakeasy co-founder and CEO Sagar Batchu sees his startup as an API infrastructure company, building tools to make API creation and distribution easier. “We’ve started by working on an important problem to me, one that I’ve faced a lot myself as a developer,” Batchu told .

APIs give developers superpowers. APIs let developers use another company’s capabilities. “By making it easy to ship those APIs to developers, we can really help companies accelerate product adoption and reduce the burden on developers when they integrate with those APIs,” he said.

The company is starting with two tools: one to help developers create APIs and one to help users implement them. Eventually, it will build a platform of features to support that mission.

Managed SDKs are first. Developers provide an Open API spec, and Speakeasy uses AI to build and document the API in minutes.

“Speakeasy uses AI to validate and improve the spec, creates SDKs in popular languages, and publishes automatically to package managers. “It takes minutes to set up, and SDKs are updated every time the spec changes, saving developers significant time,” the company said.

The second piece creates a Terraform package to help developers implement that API without worrying about the infrastructure.


“With Speakeasy, API producers can, for the first time, easily create and maintain Terraform providers from an OpenAPI specification—dramatically reducing engineering burden, while unlocking an entirely new developer community,” the company said.

The nine-person startup is hiring engineers to expand the platform. Batchu believes a remote workforce will help him build the company. First of all, adopting a remote-friendly hiring philosophy means we can access more places and more diverse communities. We value it. He added, “We’ll be hiring great talent from everywhere.”

GV, Quiet Capital, Flex Capital, StoryHouse Ventures, and Firestreak Ventures led the round today. Last year, Quiet Capital led a $3.3 million pre-seed round with prominent industry angel investors.

Managed SDK is available today. Beta Terraform.

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