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There was a significant increase in specific Google searches immediately following the solar eclipse in the United States, which raised concerns

A complete solar eclipse occurred throughout North America yesterday, in the event that you are the sole individual who overlooked it and questioned why there was a brief period of darkness during daylight hours.

Considering the extensive coverage everywhere, it is highly unlikely that you overlooked it. There were numerous online articles and numerous TV segments during the news informing you about how to view it safely, making it highly unlikely that you missed all of them.

However, it appears that the message was not fully understood or internalized. Based on the surges in specific Google search queries, it appears that a significant number of individuals may have engaged in the ill-advised act of directly gazing at the Sun during the eclipse.

As an illustration, the search query “my eyes hurt” experienced a sudden increase in popularity during the eclipse.

Even more concerning is that Google’s data analysis, when divided by state, closely aligns with the path of totality.

If you suspect that the eye pain might be unrelated, it is worth noting that there was a significant increase in searches for terms such as “eyes hurt after looking at the eclipse,” “my eyes hurt after looking at the eclipse,” and “why do my eyes hurt after looking at the eclipse?”. These searches indicate a higher-than-usual interest in the topic, suggesting a possible connection.

What actions should individuals who were unable to resist briefly looking at our star take?

That is contingent upon various factors. If you observed while wearing appropriate protective eyewear, it is possible that your eyes are experiencing discomfort due to the process of adapting to the unfamiliar light that passed through the tinted lenses, similar to the adjustment period required when wearing new glasses.

Directly gazing at the Sun without protective eyewear has the potential to cause damage to your retina, a condition referred to as solar retinopathy. The Eyecare Trust states that symptoms encompass:
  • Experiencing ocular discomfort characterized by excessive tear production and pain
  • Visual impairment in perceiving form and intricacy of objects
  • Photophobia
  • An area of reduced or absent vision in the center of your visual field
  • Objects may exhibit atypical hues or exhibit distortions in their form

If you are encountering any of these symptoms and you have directly gazed at the sun, it is imperative that you promptly consult with your physician or optometrist.

This article does not serve as a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is always advisable to consult with knowledgeable healthcare professionals if you have any inquiries about medical conditions.

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