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W5 Smartband giveaway

IFA Berlin 2015 showed the world in the past week that the wearable industry is growing faster than we would have imagined as more and more manufacturers jump on board the wearable train. With that in mind, we thought that our readers would enjoy being part of the new age of technology. That’s why we looked around a bit and found a smartband that we will be giving away to one lucky winner.

Although smartwatches seem to be the more popular devices of the wearable industry, the smartband is a niche product that has a certain appeal to the general population as well, for multiple reasons. The smartband is usually cheaper, easier to use, less of a fashion statement and more of a practical, every-day device.

One neat smartband what we’ve come across and which we are giving away today is the W5 smartband, which you can find on GearBest. You can buy the W5 smartband for yourself for $10, in case you don’t win the giveaway we’re organizing. The giveaway starts today and will close in 17 days on September 25, just in time for school. Good luck!

In order to enter the smartband giveaway, you only need to do four things:

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The W5 smartband is a versatile and simple gadget which offers you all the things you would want from a smart wearable device. Although minimalistic and easy to use, the W5 smartband has all the features that the average person would require and it could be the perfect entry-level device for someone new to the wearable industry.

When it comes to features, the W5 doesn’t have much because it apparently doesn’t need them. Bluetooth isn’t necessary, because all the data that the smartband collects is stored in it and can be viewed and aggregated on a PC. The device has real-time temperature display and a high-sensitivity pedometer, as well as sleep monitoring and alarm features. It’s a simple device that’s perfect for someone who spends a lot of their time away from home and would like to track their activity.

As you can probably tell, the W5 smartband is a simple, easy to use device that is the perfect entry-level gadget for school, the office or any other environment. It can become as useful as it is cheap, which is what everyone wants from an entirely new gadget they’re trying out. Good luck to everyone on winning the giveaway! Be sure to check back often to see what other giveaways TechGadgetCentral is organizing!

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