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Microsoft offers Trade-Up program for old laptops and macbooks

Microsoft has launched a new program through which you can trade your current PC or Mac for up to $300. Microsoft is giving users the option to trade in their old PC or MacBook for money. Currently Microsoft will give $200 for a laptop and $300 for a MacBook. In order to benefit from this deal users will first need to purchase a product between the 15th and 20th of October and the purchased product’s value must not be lower than $599.

Of course not all laptops and MacBook devices can be traded in. On Microsoft’s qualifying trade-ins page they list the products that can be traded in and in what condition they can be when traded in. Microsoft will accept All-In-Ones, a Laptop or 2-in-1 and an Apple MacBook or iMac. All devices must be no older than six years old and laptops or MacBooks must have a display of at least 11.3 inches or 28.7 cm.

Devices that show normal sings of use like a missing key or smudged screen will be accepted as will devices that are new. Microsoft will not accept devices that are severely damaged and do not power up.

To actually perform the trade in users must first purchase a product and then submit a trade in claim within 14 days of the purchase. If the claim is approved the user will then need to package up the old laptop or MacBook and send it to Microsoft. According to Microsoft the payment for the deal will be received within 28 days of the trade-in claim being validated and the package reaching them.

Currently Microsoft‘s trade-in program is available in a select few countries, 8 to be exact. It is available in the U.S, the U.K, Germany, France, Canada, India, Brazil and Taiwan. It is safe to assume that the trade-in program is focused on getting people to buy more devices that run Windows 10.



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