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The Technology Behind Online Slots

Anyone who loves their online slots will have wondered whether or not the game is rigged. After all, you’re playing against a software app that has been created by people with a vested interest in the player losing. For example, how do you know if you generous free smartphone mobile gaming with Red Flush Canadian casino is legit? The good news is that there are masses of regulatory standards which protect players and enforce their rights when casually gambling. The key to this is the tech itself – and here’s why this is so important.

Random Number Generation

This is as close to AI as it gets. Just like a traditional slot machine, the online version calculates millions of variables over a session. When the player clicks the button, that is what will roll out. We’re talking milliseconds here of random possibilities. Crucially for many slots and table games, RNG isn’t pre-configured. They cannot be legally set up for the house to have an advanced advantage, which is why we always recommend gamers play with fully regulated online casinos.

Memory Is Crucial

Online casinos have to use a software that allows for as close to random number/outcome generation as possible. Sure, I bet we’ve all seen roulette wheels hit the same number three times in a row, but that’s just down to fate. The exact same principles are applicable to online gambling. Players can and do win big money at the roulette wheel or blackjack table while playing online. The house doesn’t always win! Many people who enjoy online slots reckon that there’s some mysterious management controlling their payouts. This is utter nonsense and would never be permitted by any regulatory authority.

Machines Can Be Tampered With?

No chance. most online casinos now use the exact same software as what a player would expect in a traditional gaming house. Sure there may well be a history of dodgy places rigging games, but that is near impossible nowadays. The best online casinos are legally obliged to provide all of their details regarding gambling software ‘as is’ upon unannounced inspection. This is the case across the earth. Online casinos – because of the possibility of money laundering – are one of the most carefully regulated industries in the world. It is not in their interest to draw attention to themselves!

Slots Are Luck

There is no perfect random number generation, but then there never has been. Doesn’t matter if you’re pushing the buttons at your local casino, or chilling out with some casual play online. The majority of online gambling apps/web play offer a hundred potential outcomes per spin every second. Sure those lucky enough to find or hit a lucky slot will enjoy the winnings, but there’s no doubt about it that ultimately it comes down to sheer luck. Forget those friends who claim to be able to ‘predict’ when a slot (online or not) is “ready to drop”. It doesn’t work that way – because….

Legal Payout Limits

The debate over which casino game offers the best chance of a payout has been going on for thousands of years. This is why all reputable online casinos now provide masses of data on what they payout compared to what the player invests. Sometimes this can a fraction of a percentage, in other times it could be as absurd as buying a lottery ticket. No matter what, all legit online casinos will be subject to serious monitoring and abide by very tight regulation.


There has never been a safer way to enjoy the online casino experience. Sure there may be very enticing bonus/sign-up deals from the more shady part of the industry, but providing you stick to the best sites there is no way you will be getting ripped off. Always look for sites that offer flash/java gaming via a browser. Stay shy of anything that asks you to download unless they’re a trusted major brand.

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