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Recovering a lost file from your computer is easy with the EaseUs data recovery software

Nothing is more frustrating than accidentally deleting an important file from your computer or if it goes missing due to a faulty hard drive. Thankfully, the free EaseUs data recovery software can get it back for you. You won’t have to turn to a computer specialist to do it, you can retrieve your data in the comfort of your home. All you need in order to do so is to install the data recovery software to your PC, laptop, or other device and it will do the work for you. No important document will be lost again.


The recovery software is free, however, there is also a Pro version of it that will offer you extra features. While the free program is efficient for those who only need to recover up to 2GB of lost data, the Pro version goes the extra mile and users can get back as many data as they need, without any limitations. Also, those who opt for the Pro version of the software will benefit from a lifetime of free upgrades and technical support. The data recovery software works on Windows devices and Mac computers alike.

Using the software is incredibly easy. Users only need to launch the program, allow it to scan their device for lost data and then recover it. Before recovering the lost files, users get a preview of all the files found after the scan. This way, they can choose which ones to get back and which ones they can live without. One thing is sure: they will be able to retrieve all the data they consider necessary, and they can have them for free. Scanning a device might take a lot of time, so the EaseUs software allows users to complete the process in several sessions. Users can save the scanning results and import them to other devices before proceeding to recover them. This method is a real time- saver and it grants users the flexibility we all appreciate so much nowadays.

The data recovery software doesn’t only retrieve Word of PDF documents, it is also efficient in getting back accidentally deleted pictures, audio files, and videos. Also, the software works well on numerous devices, including PCs, laptops, mobile devices, USB flash drives, SSD, hard drives, and memory cards. Wherever the user stored their data, they can recover it with this software. It can prove to be extremely useful to those who accidentally delete reports, papers, or other important files. Even though it is extremely efficient, the recovery software won’t use up too much of your system’s processing power. In order to work perfectly, the program only needs 128MB of RAM and 32MB of storage space. You won’t even know it’s there, however, it will do its job and recover all your lost data.  And it does it for free.

The latest version of the recovery software, EaseUs Version 11.6 now supports to preview PPT/PPTX and PDF files before recovering and it offers a higher quality of export/import scan status. It is already available online so you should check it out.

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