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There's a Tor Messenger now available

Tor launches encrypted chat client beta

Tor is how the dark web can be accessed, although we do not recommend trying to go there. The main idea behind Tor is to provide users with privacy and the possibility to encrypt their data and avoid being tracked by the millions of internet services we use each day. While Tor made browsing and accessing content private and encrypted, it had not dealt with messaging services. Until now. Today, Tor announced on their official blog that a new encrypted chatting service is available in its beta form. You can download the Messenger for the OS of your choice (not mobile, though) starting today.

The Tor Messenger is now available for installation, although it is in its beta stage right now. That means that it probably won’t work perfectly and users will occasionally encounter bugs and issues with it. Nonetheless, it’s the first attempt from the secure network to create a messaging service for its millions of users.

The drawback of Tor Messenger is that, while it’s a cross-platform client, it won’t encrypt your messages unless they’re being sent to someone using a similar messaging client with the same encryption protocols. That’s a bummer but if you want to take it, your friends will most likely like the idea of no surveillance of their private conversations with you.

Tor Messenger works with chat services and protocols from third-parties, such as Facebook’s Messenger chat service, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, IRC (wow) and even Google Talk. The client imports your contacts from these apps and clients automatically. By using Tor Messenger, users will benefit from the company’s Off-the-record encryption protocol that will pass messages through the Tor network.

Tor Network is made up of millions of computers that were volunteered for the job and serve the purpose of putting obstacles between you and your data and surveillance, explained in very simple terms. The main idea is that by using its established services, Tor can finally provide people with secure, private messaging, too. If you download the messenger, make sure to support Tor and send feedback, because everything they do is free.

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