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Drilling Your iPhone 7 Won’t Get You an Audio Jack

Probably one of the most surprising thing in the smartphone market this year was the ditching of the audio jack by Apple in the new iPhone 7. Some users accepted the idea quite well, and went for the wireless earbuds easily, while others seem to be really upset about the fact that they can’t connect their regular headphones to the latest addition to Apple’s lineup of smartphones. Those who really wanted to be able to use their beloved headphones from now on were easily tricked into drilling their smartphones by a video that recently surfaced on the web.

The prank video that went viral and was watched by over 10 million people claims that if iPhone 7 owners drill a hole in the bottom of their handsets will find a hidden socket there. Normally, the location of the drilling would make sense, given the fact that it is exactly where the audio jack used to be on the iPhone 6S model. However, no matter how deep you drill, you won’t find an audio jack there, you will only ruin your smartphone. Even though the video was posted by a person who is known for wrecking different models of smartphones by “testing” them in the microwave and in other peculiar ways, there were cases when users actually started drilling a hole in their handsets and were surprised that their action didn’t bring the expected result.

It’s not quite clear for the majority of us why iPhone 7 users actually thought drilling a hole in their smartphones would be a bright idea, but it is certain that none of them got an audio jack, and all of them ruined their devices. Those who didn’t damage their smartphones totally still compromised the waterproofing of their handset, according to The Guardian. Drilling a hole in a low-budget handset is one thing, but when you do this to a high-end smartphone with the price tag of the iPhone 7, it must really be at least upsetting. Let’s just hope that people won’t start drilling for extra cameras, a microSD card slot or other features too anytime soon.

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