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Western Digital claims a ‘network security’ compromise occurred in which hackers stole data

Western Digital, a major provider of data storage solutions, has acknowledged that data was stolen from its servers by hackers in a “network security incident” last week.

On Monday, the California firm claimed in a statement that on March 26, an outsider breached “a number” of the firm’s internal systems. The nature of the event and the method of compromise remain unknown, but Western Digital’s statement suggests ransomware may be involved.

So far, Western Digital’s research has led them to assume that an unauthorized third party got data from their systems; they are still trying to determine what kind of data was taken and how much of it was taken.

As of now, the attack’s perpetrators remain unknown. No significant ransomware actor has yet claimed responsibility for this outbreak.

According to Western Digital, “disruption” to the company’s operations “has caused and may continue to cause.” The company was silent on all other details. Western Digital’s service status page at the time of writing confirmed that the event took down the company’s My Cloud NAS service, which its users use to gain remote access to their data.

As part of its efforts to restore affected infrastructure and services, Western Digital has stated that it is “implementing proactive measures to secure its business operations.” The corporation further stated that it is working with law enforcement and an unnamed cybersecurity firm to investigate the incident.

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