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The best way to establish your identity online may be through digital identities

The ability to confirm your identity and the veracity of what you say is one of the main motivations for digital identity in the context of the rapid (and occasionally unsettling) development of artificial intelligence technology. Although there is a lot of hype surrounding having your own digital identity, much development is still required to develop the industry and safeguard people.

A song with Drake and The Weeknd’s voices that was released just this week received over 250,000 Spotify streams and 10 million TikTok views. However, the musicians weren’t even a part of the procedure. The song was created by a musician by the name of Ghostwriter, who used AI to create the voices of the musicians. (Since then, the song has been removed from Apple and Spotify’s services.)

It’s getting harder to tell if it was [them] or not as more and more of these AI deepfakes are released, according to Sandy Carter, COO and head of business development at Unstoppable Domains. As more AI technology is developed, “there are ways we can [use to] validate that you’re human and a person, and [digital identities] could help as the need grows stronger.”

One of the largest web3 domain providers in the world, Unstoppable Domains has integrated with over 800 platforms, including, among others, Coinbase, OpenSea, and Rainbow Wallet. The platform raised $65 million in a Series A last year at a valuation of $1 billion and has about 1,000 partners.

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