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Here in the US, Tesla has reintroduced the refreshed Model 3

Just four months after making its global premiere in Europe and China, Tesla has begun selling the updated Model 3 car in the US.

This is the first major update to the electric car, and it’s what finally allowed Tesla to get into the general market. This comes after the corporation has been proactive with its pricing strategy, spending most of 2023 slashing prices domestically and internationally in an effort to stave off rivals and meet its own growth goals.

Much of the redesign of the Model 3’s emphasis has been on the inside. A redesigned touchscreen interface (with an additional screen for the backseat), improved soundproofing, higher-quality materials, and a little ambient light strip that encircles the interior are all welcome additions. Along with other updated versions, this one has stalks cut off the steering column, so shifting gears is now either automated or done via the touchscreen. New headlights and taillights, together with a less bulbous front nose, characterize the exterior of the sedan.

There are two different versions of the improved Model 3. With the same claimed range of around 272 miles as before, the rear-wheel-drive variant from Tesla begins at $38,990. Priced at $45,990, the Long Range model has an increased range of approximately 341 miles compared to the previous Long Range Model 3, which had a stated range of 333 miles.

China was a big contributor to Tesla’s greatest quarter ever at the end of 2023, suggesting that the revised Model 3 was well-received abroad. With the arrival of the rollout in the US, Tesla has now updated three of its four flagship models, following the 2021 introduction of the Model S and Model X.

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