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YouTube rolls out new channel pages for creators on its TV app

YouTube is updating the layout of artists’ channels on television screens, as reported by the business today. The updates consist of enhanced action buttons, such as “Subscribe,” a contemporary design, and other adjustments that were first implemented for artists’ websites last autumn.

YouTube said that artist profiles were introduced as part of a broader YouTube redesign, which includes integrated voice search, a revamped menu for simpler navigation, a new vertical video details menu, and bigger thumbnails.

YouTube announced improvements to artists’ sites in a video today, emphasizing a new layout design that highlights the most relevant material and improves access to the Subscribe button. The upgrade is being sent to all creators today, but it may take a few weeks to be visible to all viewers, as stated by the business to TechCrunch. The modifications affect just the channel pages on TV.

The revised website provides viewers with the ability to watch a combination of video material from the channel while also displaying the new Subscribe button, as seen in the photographs of the modifications. The firm recommends that all producers create 16×9 complete art for their channel banner when uploading it to the site, since the new image is now shown from one side to the other.

The revamp follows the company’s release of fresh statistics showing that top creators who get most of their watch time on TVs have increased by over 400% in the last three years, as stated in a recent article by YouTube CEO Neal Mohan. Creators are expected to react favorably to modifications that enhance their number of subscribers and improve the presentation of their material on larger screens.

The firm competes with established TV and streaming services such as Netflix on television, as well as with emerging platforms like TikTok, which introduced its own TV application in late 2021.

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