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Fujitsu, a prominent technology company, has reported being hacked and issued cautions about a data breach

In a statement released on Friday, Fujitsu, a prominent multinational technology corporation, acknowledged the occurrence of a cyberattack and expressed concerns over the theft of personal data and customer information by hackers.

Fujitsu stated on its website, translated from Japanese, that they have verified the existence of malware on several work computers within their company. Through an internal investigation, they have uncovered the possibility of the unauthorized removal of files containing personal and customer information.

Fujitsu has taken steps to disconnect the impacted computers from its network and is currently looking into how malware attacked its network and the potential information leak.

The IT giant failed to provide details on the specific kind of malware used or the characteristics of the hack.

Fujitsu did not specify the specific kind of personal information that may have been compromised, nor did it specify the individuals or entities to whom the stolen personal information applies, such as its employees, business clients, or government users of the company’s technology.

Fujitsu, based in Japan, employs around 124,000 individuals and provides services to both government and commercial sector clients worldwide. The technology corporation has lately seen a resurgence of public outrage about its involvement in the erroneous convictions of several employees at the U.K. Post Office. These people allegedly committed accounting fraud and thefts, which Fujitsu’s Horizon software linked to.

TechCrunch reported the incident to Fujitsu, which responded slowly.

Fujitsu reported the event to Japan’s data protection regulator, the Personal Information Protection Commission, expecting personal data to be compromised.

The company has not disclosed its mandatory data breach notification submissions to other governments or regulators, including those in the US.

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