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Dashbot is the Gadget For Your Car

Nowadays we have gadgets for everything: ourselves, our kids, even for our pets or houses. Now, thanks to Next Thing Co. we also have a gadget for our cars. It’s called the Dashbot, and it was created so that you can always keep your hands on the wheel. The team recently launched their project on Kickstarter, and if everything goes according to plans, they will deliver the device starting July 2017. There still are 29 days to go until the crowdfunding campaign ends, and the project already raised more than half of the $100,000 goal. So there is a great chance that this particular project will be a successful one.

What does Dashbot offer? The possibility to control your music, maps, and messages with just your voice, when driving. Of course, there are a lot of smartphone apps that do similar things, but Dashbot also has character. And you can get the retro pack, that allows you to play cassettes. That is quite cool, even though I imagine there aren’t too many of these lying around in everyone’s cars. All users need to do in order to control the gadget is say its name and state their request. The device will take things over from there and grant your wishes.


This smart controller for your car connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This comes in handy when texting or making calls. You can dictate the text to the device, and it will send it. Of course, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, it will first read it back to you. It is also able to place calls, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. Speaking of eyes on the road, the gadget doesn’t have a display that would distract you. Instead, it has a screen that displays low-glare red LEDs that only show what’s important. Everything is basically based on speech with this device.


Dashbot has built-in support for your playlists, podcasts, and favorite streaming services. At your request, the device’s AI will search multiple services to find what you want to hear. It is able to access Spotify, NPR One, FM Radio, Podcasts, Google Play Music, Apple Music, and more. In order to use Dashbot, you need to connect it to your car’s USB port, or cigarette lighter. In case your car lacks both of the above, you can opt for the Dashbot Retro pack which offers a cassette adapter and FM transmitter so you can still enjoy the gadget’s benefits.

Backers of the project can get their hands on one of these gadgets for only $49, if they need the basic product. Those who opt for the Retro pack will pay at least $65, and those who want to add an 8GB microSD card to their combo will have to back the project with at $75 or more. In case someone wants to give their family members friends a nice gift, they can opt for the Caravan kit, the Family Pack, or even for the For all Your Friends pack, that will cost them $490.


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