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ALGIZ 8X is the New Tough Computer from Handheld

The Handheld Group is a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers and tablets. The latest addition to the company’s lineup of devices is the ALGIZ 8X tablet computer. The device is suitable for those who work in the field and require a durable computer to complete their tasks.  It has an 8-inch projective capacitive touchscreen that is ultra-bright. This makes it great for outdoor use. Even in the sun, the images on the tablet will be clear. The rain is not a problem for this tablet either. Users can enable the rain mode or glove mode and complete their work even when the weather is less than perfect.

The ALGIZ 8X is protected by chemically strengthened glass. This material can survive falls, hits, and a lot more. Basically, it can take a serious beating and still work perfectly. It also handles extreme temperatures quite well. It can operate at temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F) and as high as 60°C (140°F). When in storage, it can push these limits even further. It can resist at temperatures between -40°C and 70°C (-40°F and 158°F). Besides the extreme temperatures, the 8X also work well in high rates of humidity and at great altitudes.

The tablet features an Intel Pentium N3710 processor and it runs on Windows 10 Enterprise. The device is available with two versions of batteries. There are a standard 5200mAh battery and a larger 10050mAh one. It also offers a number of ports, including two USB Host 3.0 Type A ports, a Micro HDMI port, and a MicroSIM card slot.Naturally, the ALGIZ 8X offers WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth and 4G/ LTE connectivity. It also features an 8MP back camera with autofocus and LEDflash, in case users need to take pictures in the field. The tablet will become available in March. Even though it wasn’t released yet, orders can be placed immediately. The 8X can prove to be extremely useful for those who need to complete their work on construction sites for example, so it might become quite popular in this niche.

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