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NordVPN Review – Great Speed for a Small Price

Virtual Private Networks have been designed to protect us. While some internet users aren’t really concerned about having secure connections, these are really important as they always protect your privacy and keep your private information and browsing history from being monitored or stolen. Also, besides keeping you protected VPNs can give you access to websites and services you otherwise couldn’t access. While the first VPNs tended to slow systems down, nowadays users can’t even sense the difference between using a VPN or not. NordVPN is one of the fastest virtual private networks out there so it is no wonder that many people are impressed by it.

NordVPN has a great number of features that come together in creating the perfect user experience. The VPN is extremely easy to download, install, and use. Downloading and installing the program only takes a couple of minutes and then it basically does all the work automatically. Of course, users have the possibility to make settings manually, but average users can benefit fully from the program even by using its default settings. By simply hitting the quick connect button on the interface your connection becomes secure and no one can track your online activity or browsing history.

NordVPN includes CyberSec too, which will work as an anti-malware solution. Every time it detects suspicious websites, it will automatically block them, so users’ systems don’t get infected. Those who are especially careful when it comes to their privacy online will definitely be impressed by the DoubleVPN feature offered by NordVPN. Instead of encrypting data once, as other VPNs do, NordVPN first accesses one server and then redirects all traffic through it towards a second one,  encrypting your data twice. Not even the second VPN server will know your real IP address, just like no one will know the website you end up accessing.

Another feature NordVPN offers that is simply great is SmartPlay. This feature is embedded in every single NordVPN app, and it allows users to access content on websites that would otherwise be unreachable to them due to internet censorship. Even when it comes to websites that are normally reachable, NordVPN ensures a secure and stable connection so that you can enjoy the content without interruptions. NordVPN can give you access to over 400 services that would not normally be accessible from everywhere.

All these extra features are just great, but those who care most about their online privacy would not appreciate the VPN without its great security features. First of all, NordVPN has a strict no logs policy. Thanks to this, the users’ internet activity remains anonymous, as it is basically impossible to monitor. Not only browsing history, but private data also remains protected at all times.  Another aspect that the majority of VPN users consider to be extremely important is the number of servers a VPN uses and how widespread these are. NordVPN has more than 5000 servers spread all around the world, in over 60 countries. Users can choose to connect to servers in a specific area or the VPN will assign them to one automatically. Either way, the real IP address remains hidden.

The automatic kill switch is there to protect users in case something goes wrong and the VPN connection drops. If this happens, the automatic kill switch will instantly shut down certain apps or shut down unprotected internet connections altogether. Thanks to this, users will never use the internet in unprotected mode again, not even by accident. The DNS leak protection takes action in case DNS servers send unencrypted queries outside a secure VPN tunnel. NordVPN allows users to secure up to 6 different devices with a single account. The VPN wors seamlessly on computers, smartphones, routers and more, keeping all your devices secure.

NordVPN has a number of great features, even so, it is still accessible. Users can get several plans for reasonable prices, the best offer being on the three-year plan. With this plan, users can benefit from all NordVPN has to offer for only $2.99 a month. This is not a high price to pay for the best online privacy and security.


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