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Zeblaze VIBE 3 Smartwatch Review – Nice product for low price

Smartwatches have become quite popular in the past few years. They have modern designs, a great number of functions, and for short periods of time, they actually allow us to put our smartphones down. They can be extremely useful especially when working out and this is why active persons really appreciate them. Even though the models offered by huge manufacturers, like Samsung, Apple or LG can be quite expensive, there are affordable ones too, like the Zeblaze Vibe 3. It offers mainly the same functions as top-tier smartwatches do, but it offers them for a more affordable amount of money.

First of all, the Zeblaze Vibe 3 looks amazing. Its sporty, rugged design is a perfect match for all active people. It might not look great with a suit or an evening gown, but it definitely looks amazing with sporty or casual outfits. The 1.24-inch watch face is quite big but due to its round form, it actually looks nice on most wrists. The 26mm Sport Strap made of TPU is really comfortable to wear even for long periods of time, in high temperatures. Also, thanks to the design, the strap is easy to adjust to any wrist, even to the thinnest ones.

The watch itself comes with a carbon coating that makes it more durable and eye-catching at the same time. It is IP67 rated, so it will be able to face splashing, but you really shouldn’t try diving with it as it won’t make it. The 1.24-inch screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4, and it is surprisingly visible, even in direct sunlight, which is really great if you like to spend a lot of time outside. It’s not a full-color screen but it looks nice and all the info is visible.

The round screen is surrounded by four buttons. The first button serves to turn Bluetooth on and off and to turn on the luminous dial. The second one allows users to switch between different modes, confirm, and save actions. The third button has multiple uses too. It works as numerical control, camera shutter, and it starts and pauses the timer. Las, but not least, the fourth button allows users to go through settings and to reset the smartwatch. All buttons are round and have a nice metallic finish.

The Zeblaze Vibe 3 has a number of features. Some of them will be used by the majority of people, others, not so much. This little gadget can not only tell time, function as an alarm, and count steps, it is also able to monitor burned calory, walking calory, and store movement data. While you are not able to make or answer phone calls or text messages using the Zeblaze Vibe 3 smartwatch, it will show you alerts whenever you have an incoming call, a text message or notifications from socializing platforms, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, and WeChat. Another thing that I like about this particular smartwatch is that it is able to store movement data.

The battery of the Zeblaze Vibe 3 is a 610mAh one. This is able to ensure, according to the information provided by the manufacturer, up to 24 months of standby time. In the energy saving mode, the smartwatch can go up to 33 months. Naturally, when you actually use the smartwatch the life of the battery considerably shortens. Of course, it can still go through quite a long period without charge, but users should not forget that it sometimes needs juice in order to function. The device features Bluetooth 4.0, so it is rather easy to pair it with your smartphone. The Android app you can use it with is Sports+. I am not personally a fan of it, but it isn’t hard to use. The feedback really depends on what you expect from it.

zeblaze vibe 3

All in all, I like the Zeblaze Vibe 3 smartwatch a lot. It has a nice design, a really comfortable strap, and it does exactly what it is supposed to. Its price is also quite affordable. To be more exact, you can purchase the product for $27.99 right now, which is a really good price for a device that has this much to offer. The smartwatch comes in three color variants. Users can opt for the watch with a silver face and blue strap, an all-black model, or a black watch face with a burgundy strap. They all look equally nice and they are equally comfortable. So, if you are looking for a smartwatch with basic functions for a fair p[rice, the Zeblaze Vibe 3 could be the right model for you.



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