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To link Twitter accounts with cryptocurrency wallets, Addressable raises $7.5 million. Yet how?

Marketo, a company created, among other things, to improve marketing to social media users, was eventually purchased by Adobe. A new startup now seeks to replicate Marketo’s Web2 success in Web3.

Digital fingerprinting startup Addressable claims to be able to link social media accounts with anonymous crypto wallets. In fact, it is so sure it can pull this off that it claims to have connected 17 million Twitter users with their crypto wallet owners.

That’s a big ask, but let’s go back to that.

We can at least say that it currently enjoys some investor confidence. It has now secured a $7.5 million Seed round from North Island Ventures, Viola Ventures, Fabric Ventures, and Mensch Capital Partners.

Since cryptocurrency wallets are anonymous, Web3 marketers can’t know their audience’s age, location, or past purchasing behavior, which is the issue Addressable claims to be resolving. That was sort of the point, right?

By connecting anonymous blockchain audiences with their social media accounts and examining data points from various blockchain activities that can be correlated with social media activities, Addressable claims to have found a solution to this problem. The ability to target audiences who are more likely to make purchases and introduce higher efficacy/ROI allows marketers to promote games, conferences, etc. to crypto wallet holders on Twitter.

They had to look at more than 500 million cryptocurrency wallets and more than 100 million social media accounts, then develop the algorithms to match these data points.

Tomer Sharonim, the co-founder and CEO, was formerly Salt Security’s vice president of product. Co-Founder and CTO Tomer Shlomo has worked at Synamedia among other places. Dr. Asaf Nadler, co-founder and chief scientist, has worked for a number of companies, including Akamai Technologies.

Sharoni, who spoke to TechCrunch via email, stated that Addressable.io is in competition with other Web 3 CRM startups like Blaze, Cookie3, Kazm, and Absolute Labs that primarily focus on customer reactivation by analyzing and engaging with the company’s existing on-chain user base.

Because it unlocks all Web3 on-chain users, he claims, Addressable adopts a “more holistic and comprehensive approach.”

Of course, it’s very difficult to verify whether they can actually do any of this, but at the very least, it’s clear that their investors are convinced.

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