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Surface Book Sold Out Before Launch Date

Although Microsoft’s Surface Book was supposed to hit the stores only on October 26, it already registered record sales. The Surface Book became available immediately after its October 6 reveal and after only five days the pre- order stock was sold out. If customers try to pre- order the Surface Book from Microsoft Store in the US instead of the pre- order button they will find one with the message “Email me when available”. Despite of its rather high price it seems that all versions of the Surface Book sold out in record time.

Even so, Microsoft representatives stated right after selling out that there will be limited quantities of the Surface Book available in store on October 26. They said would also update online availability of the Surface Book soon with a new ship date. It seems that Microsoft refreshed its stocks really quickly. Currently the 128 GB/ Core Intel i5- 8 GB version, 256 GB/ Core Intel i5- 8 GB and the 512 GB/ Core Intel i7- 16 GB/ dGPU versions are available for pre-order, while the 256GB/ Core Intel i5- 8 GB/ dGPU and 256GB/ Core Intel i5- 8 GB/ dGPU versions are still unavailable on the online store. Prices start at $1.499.00 and go all the way up to $2.699.00. Some of the available models are said to ship by October 26, while the others have a 5-6 weeks ship date.

Since we don’t know the exact number of Surface Book units Microsoft had stocked up it is still uncertain whether selling out means that the stock was too low or the demand was incredibly high. Either way, selling out on online store in less than a week after reveal date is a huge win for Microsoft. It means that their Surface Book is wanted by customers and it probably won’t be an embarrassment, like the Surface RT was back in 2013.

The interest in the Surface Book is more than understandable. The Surface Book looks and feels premium, has a sleek design and is incredibly easy to carry around. Besides this, the hardware the Surface Book is equipped with is also impressing. This time around Microsoft really managed to deliver the ultimate device.

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