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Zoom announces Claude chatbot partnership with Anthropic

Zoom is considering LLM partnerships as generative AI has taken center stage. The company announced a partnership with Anthropic to use its Claude chatbot on Zoom Contact Center today.

In March, Zoom announced a partnership with OpenAI to add more generative AI functionality to its products.

After two decades of product experience at Microsoft and Google, Smita Hashim joined Zoom as chief product officer three months ago, just as ChatGPT was catching everyone’s attention. She says the company took an open approach so they could plug in different models as the generative AI landscape changes quickly.

We chose a federated approach to AI when we began our generative AI journey. Hashim told , “That means we can use different models in the backend” when designing products.

The philanthropic partnership begins with the contact center. “For Anthropic and Claude, we want to start with our Contact Center software because of its Constitutional AI approach and ability to follow rules very closely,” she said.

Customers will need more accurate answers and fewer model hallucinations. “Anthropic’s constitutional AI’s prescriptive-module approach will be helpful. We want to start there and bring some of that functionality to market.”

Zoom plans to use the anthropocentric model in other products as they learn more about it. She said the company will keep working on anthropocentric-based functionality, but there is no set date for its release.

Hashim would not say if the company is developing its own LLM, but she says these partnerships are a start. While integrating OpenAI and anthropocentric models into Zoom, it will explore other options, including open-source models.

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