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Shopify’s Shop app adds “Shop Cash” rewards

Shopify announced Friday that its Shop app will offer Shop Cash rewards. Shopify funds the new program that gives shoppers 1% back on Shop Pay purchases.

After a purchase, Shop Pay wallets in the Shop app will show rewards. Shop app purchases can use these rewards. Shoppers can pay with Shop Cash and their preferred method.

Shopify says the Shop Cash rewards program will be available immediately for U.S. merchants and shoppers using Shop Pay.

Shopify is holding its first Shop Day today and giving away over $1,000,000 in Shop Cash to celebrate the launch. The company is sharing custom links on social media with MrBeast and Monday Swimwear. Shoppers can spend Shop Cash in the Shop app by clicking those links. The company says Shop Cash can be redeemed for 30 days.

Shop is maturing. “It’s become an incredible app that allows shoppers to discover great brands, check out with one tap, and track orders in real time,” said Shopify President Harley Finkelstein. “Shop Cash represents the next evolution of Shop, connecting independent brands to more shoppers and rewarding loyal fans.”

Shopify launched Shop in 2020. Arrive, a Shopify and other retailer package tracking app, was updated and rebranded. Shop offers package tracking, a feed of recommended products, brand information, and Shop Pay.

Shop Pay can increase conversion by 50% over guest checkout, and 44% of Shop app orders are repeat purchases.

Shopify launched the rewards program a few weeks after partnering with Israeli B2B payments startup Melio to launch a bill pay tool for U.S. merchants to manage expenses and vendors on its platform.

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