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galaxy note 4 battery drain

Samsung Note 4 battery drain – most common causes and fixes

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is one of the companies most successful devices, its premium feel, high-end hardware, gorgeous screen and overall well build made this phablet a very desired gadget among tech enthusiasts. To keep this powerhouse going Samsung gave it a 3220 Mah battery. This is a very good size for modern day batteries and it should keep the phone going for a full day of use without any problems. For some reason, or for several reasons, the device drains the battery faster than it should and heavy phone users find themselves having to carry around their power adapter. Here are a few examples of the Note 4 battery drain causes and tips on how to last longer on one charge.

1. Android Power Bug

Note 4 battery drain

Some Android Lollipop users have reported that they encountered a battery drain problem with the OS. It seems that some services and apps were behaving abnormally by turning on the screen, opening a data connection for updates and not closing the data connection when finished. In other cases, several Google apps would not enter sleep mode after exiting and kept using battery life in the background.

To make matters worst, this Android power bug has been reported on the new 6.0 Marshmallow OS, sadly the only solution if you really want to fix this issue is to downgrade to Android KitKat.

2. Hardware power usage

Anybody who held this device even for a short period of time will say that the screen is amazing, the Super AMOLED 5.7″ QHD display delivers a very crisp and clear image. The colors pop but are not over saturated and looking at this gorgeous display is a very pleasant experience. The downside is that the screen uses a lot of battery power to create that amazing image. Here are a few tips for setting up your phone to reduce power usage:

  • Lower the screen’s brightness level and use the Auto function;
  • Use a reduce screen timeout so that the screen turns off quickly when you are not using it;
  • Use a black wallpaper;
  • Disable services when you are not using them, services like GPS, Wi-Fi, Data Connection, Bluetooth, NFC;
  • Switch on power saving mode, this will reduce the phone’s performance and power usage;
  • Use Super Power Saving Mode, this feature turns off cellular data, limits the CPU power and the screen and turns on grayscale mode;

3. Rogue apps

Third-party apps have been known to drain the battery at an alarming rate. Some bugs may cause an app to turn on by itself in the background and drain use power, to see how much power apps use go to settings – battery and see how much power every app uses. If it seems that an app is using more than it should try reinstalling it and see if anything changes.

If you can’t identify the app that is causing the power drain, boot the device in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode third-party apps are disabled and it will be easier to see if the problem is caused by a native Google app.


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  1. Thank you for doing an article on our favorite Samsung device the stellar Galaxy Note 4. We LOVE this device! More articles please!

    Now to the content: I use a Note 4. I have no battery problem. I will say it over and over again- the problem exists because people update without doing their homework first. I avoided the Lollipop update and stayed on KitKat. It is the best OS. My battery lasts forever! You people just HAD to update and couldn’t just stay on KitKat. I did. Updaters are miserable while I am having a great time with my Note 4. Root and stay on KitKat. They are right.

  2. I think you mean “rogue apps”. Rouge is what women wear on their face.

  3. I have never faced battery problems with my Note 4 until a few days it prompted me to do a “System Update”. It listed the improvements of this new update one of which was better battery life. The download was about 95MB. This was not an Android OS version update – I already have the latest 5.1.1 it was some other one as my Android version never changed. But now my battery is draining in half a day. Visibly worse. It was just fine before the update and very bad immediately after. In fact the phone drained massively during the update. It claimed during the update it was “Optimizing Apps” one by one. I did nothing else other than install this update. As the Note is my secondary device behind my faithful Blackberry workhorse I do not consider myself a “power user” of the device. Now I have to figure out how to un-instal this and pray all the “optimized apps” will continue to work….

    • the same thing happened to my note 4. Before the newest update it was working fine and lasting me more than a day of usage and now just on standby alone over night drains over 40%. This app optimization keeps popping up on my notification over the past couple days as well. Can’t figure it out yet =/

      • Exactly the same with mine. I also get the “app optimization” popup and since then battery drains much quicker than normal. It seems this update does exactly the OPPOSITE of what it claims to do…

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